Tips and Articles for Honduras

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Just because you can’t afford an overwater bungalow or a Maldives hotel with private butler service, doesn’t mean you can’t take a beach vacation. Once... Read More

A honeymoon turned tragic when two newlyweds from Israel fatally collided on a zip line on the island of Roatan in Honduras. The couple had only married... Read More

Ian Dow was not having good luck.After his fiancé broke off their engagement, Dow tried to buy a Sprinter van to travel around. The sale fell... Read More

Even the most adventurous traveler is generally not prepared to gamble with their life while on vacation — but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessary to... Read More

In a tiny museum off the coast of Honduras near the island of Roatán, four eras of history lies just below the surface of the Caribbean Sea's ... Read More

Arosa, Switzerland | Durango, Colorado | Venice | Las Vegas | Honduras | Palm Springs | Madrid | Washington, D.C. Address Book PLUS New Year's around... Read More

Go DeepThe largest coral reef system in the Western Hemisphere lies off the three Bay Islands, about 30 miles north of the mainland. You can descend as... Read More

Swept along in the crush of passengers gunning for the baggage claim in Tegucigalpa, I almost run right into the sign with my name on it. Just as I'd... Read More

From a tiny platform 110 feet up an enormous stinking-toe tree, I had a monkey's-eye view of Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica. The rain forest was... Read More

See our slideshow of Great Humanitarian Trips Around the World.When Tim Donahue recalls traveling in India, where he volunteered in medical camps among... Read More

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