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Joe Schmelzer

In 2018, Southwest Airlines announced it would soon begin service to the islands of Hawaii. At the time it was heralded as a major breakthrough and one... Read More

In May 2018, the Kilauea Volcano erupted on the island of Hawaii causing severe destruction in the area. According to CNN, the volcano not only caused... Read More

If you, like many others, have made it your New Year’s resolution to get healthier, chances are there’s a number of doctor-prescribed ways you’re going... Read More

My spoon slides through an unidentifiable substance, unexpectedly similar to foie gras, as I glance over my menu to double-check the dish in front of me... Read More

Christmas is coming a bit earlier for Hawaii lovers. According to reports, Southwest Airlines is mere “weeks away” from selling its very first tickets... Read More

Here's the thing about children: They're completely unpredictable. Situations constantly come up that are totally out of your control and when those... Read More

When the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu closed back in May, no one knew when it would reopen again.Due to “critical structural and... Read More

It seems like dads are consistently finding new ways to take ultimate dad status to the next level.When 26-year-old Natasha Stroup arrived in Hawaii for... Read More

New satellite images released this week showed that East Island, a remote 11-acre stretch of sand that was officially part of the French Frigate Shoals... Read More

Getting incessant, mystery phone calls can be a hassle. It’s even worse when they’re from a tiny lizard.Well, maybe not worse, but definitely weirder.Dr... Read More

Hawaii may still be in the United States, but it’s a world away. And your trip to the 50th state will definitely be more fruitful if you can drop in... Read More

Norwegian Cruise Line really wants you to try their service from Hawaii. So much so that they’ll pay to get you there.Travelers who book a trip on the... Read More

My daughter, Agnes, has reached an age — 4 — where she asks questions like “Why did the dinosaurs die?” and “Where does hot lava come from?” So after... Read More

T+L launched Operation Vacation to inspire workers to use their days off and get away, offering exclusive travel discounts as incentive. For the latest... Read More

Samuel L. Jackson isn’t the only one who hates seeing snakes on a plane. Most of the time, these slithery reptiles end up getting on aircraft... Read More

After months of anticipation, Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park will reopen to the public on Saturday, Sept. 22.While the park is reopening many... Read More

Hawaiian Airlines announced this week that it will begin service from Honolulu to Boston. The 5,100-mile flight will be the longest domestic flight in... Read More

As heavy rains brought to the region by Hurricane Lane flood parts of Hawaii, U.S. airlines are issuing waivers for those scheduled... Read More

Hurricane Lane, a Category 4 cyclone, is already making an impact on the Hawaiian islands, with anticipated landfall late on Thursday or early Friday,... Read More

As Hurricane Lane hurtles toward Hawaii, images captured from space show the full extent of the massive storm.Images captured by NASA and the National... Read More

Hurricane Lane, the sixth hurricane in the eastern Pacific so far this season, could make impact with Hawaii early next week.Meteorologists predict that... Read More

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Airbnb shared the properties that users have added to their wish lists most often over the past decade. And... Read More

Even though air travel is one of the safest modes of transportation, that doesn’t mean an issue can’t pop up unexpectedly.Linda Reilman, a doctor based... Read More

Most visitors are aware that the Hawaiian archipelago was formed by volcanoes, but it’s most apparent on the Island of Hawaii, known as... Read More

Hawaii's Big Island is preparing for a possible hurricane — while a volcano continues to erupt on its shore.Hurricane Hector is expected to pass... Read More

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