Hanoi Travel Guide

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Travel to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, to experience a delicious mix of East and West, where Sino-Vietnamese tradition converges with a powerful French influence to produce a unique, enchanting city with an atmosphere all its own.

Things Not to Miss in Hanoi

• Visiting the city’s numerous temples
 • Strolling through Hoan Kiem Lake, a beautiful park located in the center of town
 • Spending a day museum hopping; don’t miss the Vietnamese Women’s Museum, the Ho Chi Minh Museum, the Fine Arts Museum and the Army Museum
 • Watching a traditional Vietnamese art performance at the Golden Bell Show theater
 • Learning how to make traditional Vietnamese cuisine by taking a cooking class at the Vietnam Culinary School

When to Go to Hanoi

While the city enjoys a tropical climate, because of the city’s location, winter temperatures can drop significantly in the winter, so it’s best not to visit Hanoi then. Also keep in mind: summers in the city are typically an uncomfortably hot and humid affair, so if possible, make your Hanoi travel plans sometime during the spring or autumn months.

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