Gujarat + Western India Travel Guide

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Gujarat is a state located in the northwestern coast of India and has a population of approximately 60 million. Known for its great cultural and religious diversity, Gujarat welcomes everyone. Visit Gujarat, an exciting state due to all of the available attractions such as festivals and celebrations. Gujarat takes pride in its architecture's ability to coexist with nature, which attracts thousands of tourists a year.

With its open-air markets and exotic locale, any Gujarat travel experience will leave lasting memories for a lifetime. A personal Gujarat travel guide will be more than willing to help you plan your perfect experience.

There are plenty of incredible things to experience in Gujarat. No matter what your interests may be, you are sure to find something wonderful to do.

Things Not to Miss in Gujarat

• A major event you don't want to miss when planning your Gujarat visit is the International Kite Festival held every January. This festival showcases thousands of people flying kites to commemorate the end of winter. There are daily kite flying competitions, uniquely prepared foods, and special lighted box kites that fly at night, called tukkals. This is a very special occasion for the inhabitants of Gujarat. They even hand out complimentary kites to visitors!
 • The Bhavnath Mahadev Fair is an especially exciting event in Gujarat. For five days every February, this fair is held at the Bhavnath Mahadev Temple at the foot of Girnar Hill. It is believed that Lord Shiva visits this very temple during the fair. Sages that live nearby ride naked on elephants towards the fair blowing conch shells while carrying flags. Visitors to the fair are served free food, and vendors are available selling sweets, fruits, trinkets, idols, and other items.

When to Go to Gujarat

Gujarat has a very warm climate. During winters the temperature during the day never drops below 84 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas in summer it averages 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Leading up to and during the monsoon season, it is hot and very humid with torrential downpours that cause floods. Winter is the recommended season to travel to Gujarat. The best time to visit Gujarat is between November and April. January and February are the most popular for tourists, as the weather is the mildest.

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