Tips and Articles for Greenland

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Family vacations are often a child’s first glimpse into the world of travel. This makes where you choose to jet off to not only important, but crucial... Read More

There’s something magical about whales. It may be the fact that one species – the blue whale – is the largest animal on Earth, reaching as much as 100... Read More

When it comes to cruise vacations, people tend to fall into one of two drastically opposing categories: fervent advocates or overzealous naysayers. For... Read More

This world looks otherworldly sometimes.Video has resurfaced of a stunning airplane landing at Maniitsoq Airport in Greenland that feels out of this... Read More

If you’re really looking to get away from it all this winter, then is here to help. In fact, they’re willing to pay for your getaway too, but... Read More

Greenland isn't exactly a top tourist destination: It's off the radar for most travelers—at least, as one saying goes, until after they've seen the... Read More

Google is going to the ends of the Earth to get the message out on climate change. Google Maps announced on Tuesday a project with Nikolaj Coster... Read More

There aren't many places more romantic to propose than under a sparkling Northern Lights show.But planning that kind of unforgettable night takes some... Read More

Greenland’s Hotel Arctic has claimed fame as the world’s northernmost four-star hotel.The hotel sits on the edge of the Illulissat Ice Fjord, a UNESCO... Read More

This story originally appeared on who study climate change have warned for years that sea level rise due to the melting... Read More

A new discovery by researchers at Australia’s University of Wollongong points to what could be the earliest existence of life on Earth.Researchers... Read More

Greenland, the world’s largest island, is 80 percent ice—a challenging, elemental land where the largest city houses less than 17,000 people and... Read More

For most of us, running out of toothpaste is easily remedied by a quick trip to the local drugstore. For Kirsten and Carl Dixon, owners of the... Read More

While hiking through the flat savannah lands of western Brazil, you emerge from some shade trees and suddenly find yourself just yards away from the... Read More

The signs were subtle at first. The harbor, which used to reliably freeze solid, stayed ice-free one winter, and then the next. The coastal sea-ice... Read More

At the far end of Sermermiut valley, just outside the town of Ilulissat on Greenland's west coast, the wide, gently sloping land suddenly gives way and... Read More

“You can often understand a destination better through its literature than through a guidebook,” says David Del Vecchio, a former press officer for the... Read More

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