Grand Cayman Travel Guide

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As the largest of the Cayman Islands and the one most frequented by tourists, Grand Cayman may seem more like a wealthy American metropolis than a slice of Caribbean paradise. But a visit to Grand Cayman is not without its charms, in the form of beautiful beaches, world-class dining, and some of the most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean. Beyond the glitz of George Town and the crowds at Seven Mile Beach, there’s a lot to explore when you travel to Grand Cayman – exquisite local flora and fauna, hidden beaches tucked away from tourist foot traffic. Parties that erupt at a moment’s notice, and museums nestled into historic homes, giving the briefest of nods to the island’s British heritage. Our Grand Cayman travel guide will point you to some of the island’s can’t-miss sights and activities.

Things Not to Miss in Grand Cayman

• Lounging by the ocean at Seven Mile Beach
 • Visiting Pedro St. James, the oldest building on the island and the Cayman “birthplace of democracy”
 • Seeing the orchards – and the iguanas – at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park
 • Hiking the Mastic Trail
 • Exploring the pirate caves in Bodden Town
 • Sampling a rum cake at Tortuga Rum Co.
 • In May, watching the family-friendly Batabano Carnival unfold

When to Go to Grand Cayman

The preferred time to make Grand Cayman travel plans is during the winter, when the tropical climate is the most pleasant and the days are warm and dry. April and May are the driest months of the year. Economically, the best time to travel to Grand Cayman may be in May through July, when hotel rates drop and you’ll find fewer crowds. However, this period coincides with the rainy season, when storms, strong winds and hurricanes are more common. May through July marks Grand Cayman’s rainy season, while June through November is hurricane season.

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