Germany Travel Guide

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Because it is home to some of the most dramatic landscapes and cultural histories in Europe, Germany travel has something to offer the entire family. The beautiful Alpine region has world-class skiing in the winter. Some of Europe’s top museums, like the Ludwig Museum that features an impressive Picasso collection, are located throughout the country. Your trip also isn’t complete without enjoying another great aspect of the country’s culture: its unique, regional beer styles and huge varieties of sausages.

Things Not to Miss in Germany

• Munich is famous for its holiday markets where you can indulge in shopping and sample some of the delicious, hot mulled wine.
 • Explore one of the country’s many national parks with the help of a Germany travel guide who can point out the region’s unique flora and fauna.
 • Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie – otherwise known as the Berlin Wall Museum -- gives a fascinating look at life during the Berlin Wall era and the attempts of East Berliners to escape to the Western side.

When to Go to Germany

The majority of Germany experiences a temperate seasonal climate with pleasant summers and cold winters. Because of this, many travelers choose to visit Germany during the summer months, although skiing in the Alps is one of the tops reasons to travel to Germany.

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