Florida Panhandle Travel Guide

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Soak in those warm, sultry nights in the northwestern part of the Sunshine State. The 200-mile span of land offers everything for a perfect getaway – deep sea diving, artificial reefs, hiking on some of the most serene, less-traveled trails of the south, and even off-the-beaten-path (yet vibrant) American history. Is relaxation more your style? Visit Florida Panhandle’s white-sand beaches and see for miles over the calming, clear waters. Lie out there with a good book for hours before getting ready for the nightlife every spring breaker dreams about. Seafood lovers can’t pass up the opportunity to travel to the Florida Panhandle for some of the area’s infinite supply of tasty shellfish at waterfront restaurants. From classic must-see attractions to local hangouts, you’ll never run out of activities in the Florida Panhandle. Get the scoop on the area’s most popular shops, museums, tours, and of course, beaches, because there's no better time to travel to the Florida Panhandle.

Things Not to Miss in Florida Panhandle

• Listening to poetry readings at Black Dog Café
 • Grabbing drinks at McGuire’s Irish Pub or Winery at the Red Bar
 • Cycling the Timpoochee Trail or the Munson Hills Loop bike trail
 • Diving off of the coast of Pensacola

When to Go to the Florida Panhandle

The Florida Panhandle’s balmy climate is one the strip’s best features, with just enough of a temperature change to clearly distinguish between seasons. Why not book a Florida Panhandle travel excursion in the fall when temperatures are still soaring in the 70s and 80s, or in the winter when you need an escape from the tundra up north? With water temperatures still relatively warm, trade in those snow boots for bare feet as you walk along the ocean close enough to get those lingering waves from a breezy, subtropical wind. The yearly average temperature in the mid-60s and about 340 sunny days a year make it easy to decide when to visit the Florida Panhandle: Anytime.

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