Fjaerland Travel Guide

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Fjaerland, a remote village on one of Norway's most impressive fjords, has long been one of the region's best-kept secrets, but every year more and more tourists are drawn to this spectacular destination off the beaten path. From its breathtaking glacial scenery to its traditional Scandinavian architecture and easy hospitality, Fjaerland offers a uniquely Norwegian experience. Our Fjaerland travel guide provides a glimpse into the natural splendor, historical sites and hidden gems that have made a new wave of tourists eager to visit Fjaerland.

Things Not to Miss in Fjaerland

Many vacationers decide to travel to Fjaerland for its exquisite natural beauty and outdoor sporting activities, but the village and its surrounding areas have much more to offer. The most popular destinations for visitors to Fjaerland include:

• The city's many book shops
• Historic Hotel Mundal
• The Flatbreen glacier
• Jostedalsbreen National Park
• Fjaerland Church
• The Norwegian Glacier Museum

When to Go to Fjaerland

The best time to visit Fjaerland is between May and September, when you can take advantage of the mild weather to visit the area's many hiking trails, some of which take you along ancient glaciers and through largely untamed Scandinavian wilderness. Be advised, however, that Fjaerland travel means packing sweaters, even at the peak of summer – this is no tropical climate.

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