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There are cheap fares from several U.S. cities to top European destinations, including the Faroe Islands, right now.According to Scott’s Cheap Flights,... Read More

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to explore the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, or the countless natural sights of... Read More

Catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights is certainly a magical experience. But getting to the ideal location to see them — which is often... Read More

Is your country the happiest place to live on Earth?Every year, The World Happiness Report, published by the U.N. Sustainable Development Solutions... Read More

As the cab slows to a stop, I scrape some of Jack Frost’s handiwork from the window and peer into the depths of the polar night. We’re only 15 minutes... Read More

Ladies who are looking to get away will soon have the perfect refuge from their everyday stresses: an island off the coast of Finland where only women... Read More

It was like a scene from the comic strip Hägar the Horrible. Clutching a beaker of ale in howling sea winds, I lurched toward the prow of the Viking... Read More

Your dream winter vacation is coming.If you’re not already sick of the freezing weather, there’s a perfect place to bask in the freezing temperatures,... Read More

You’ve never experienced the Northern Lights like this before.Now can you not only see the gorgeous, dancing ripples and waves of the Aurora Borealis in... Read More

A trip to Finland can last until your plane has landed back home.Finnair, the country's flag carrier, is adding more Finnish culture into its flight... Read More

This story originally appeared on Ina Garten isn’t the only one grateful for Meghan Markle’s culinary skills. Prince William said he hopes... Read More

One of the most popular places in Scandinavia for an off-the-beaten-track Northern Lights experience is Finland.But only the far north of the country —... Read More

Finland's Finnair is hoping to get at least 150 passengers on every flight to volunteer to be weighed along with their luggage.While it may sound... Read More

Passengers on board a Scandinavian Airlines flight from Stockholm, Sweden to Turku, Finland were given quite the scare upon landing on Wednesday, Oct.... Read More

After a rough year, one New Year’s Eve celebration may not be enough.Thanks to time zones, it’s possible to say goodbye to 2017 twice in one night with... Read More

Sure, it may only be October, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about exciting spring break destinations.Next year, instead of... Read More

Flight 666 to HEL arrived safely — and two minutes ahead of schedule — today, on Friday the 13th.The flight departed from Copenhagen just after 1 p.m. ... Read More

Helsinki is getting its long-overdue moment in the sun. The Nordic capital has plenty to recommend it, but too often it's overlooked by travelers:... Read More

The A-List is Travel + Leisure's annual selection of the world's best travel agents and destination specialists, as chosen by the editors. Rely on these... Read More

One night in the early 1990s, Ingmar Lindberg, an executive at the Fiskars metal tool company — famous for making scissors, knives, and gardening tools ... Read More

Finland has an abundance of natural beauty, and people from all over the world travel to the northern European country to see the country’s striking... Read More

This story originally appeared on are few experiences in life that contribute more to personal happiness than eating delicious... Read More

If you've ever spent the day drinking in your underwear from the coziness of home, you've been participating in kalsarikannit without even knowing... Read More

There aren't many places more romantic to propose than under a sparkling Northern Lights show.But planning that kind of unforgettable night takes some... Read More

Fear not takeout lovers, a new restaurant in Helsinki wants to turn eating alone into a group activity.The pop-up called “Take In” in the Finnish... Read More

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