Fiji Travel Guide

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Fiji is the perfect destination to live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasy. While it consists of some 332 islands, only a third are inhabited, and even there, it's not hard to escape the crowds. Once you finalize your Fiji travel plans, you're sure to wind up visiting some of the country's most populous islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. And you should: Fiji's appeal is not just the islands' solitude, but also the unique culture and cuisine (you might find that an appetizing scent of curries lingers in the air). Our Fiji travel guide will point you to the cultural highlights and pristine beaches that will make for an unforgettable island getaway.

Things Not to Miss in Fiji

While you're in Fiji, be sure to visit more than one island, as they're all spectacular. For a glimpse of Fiji's history and culture, can't-miss sites include:

• The Vuda Lookout
• The Tavuni Hill Fortification
• The Fiji Museum
• The Mamanuca Islands
• Yasawas Island
• Kadavu Island

When to Go to Fiji

From May to October, Fiji experiences its dry season, with clearer water and cooler temperatures. Most tourists choose to visit Fiji during this window. November through April brings the rainy season; hotels will be cheaper, so the price-conscious traveler who can tolerate a little rain might prefer to visit during this time. Summer, however, is peak season for travelers in search of a tropical getaway.

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