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This article originally appeared on Surviving cold, harsh winter temperatures is a marathon, not a sprint.That's certainly true in... Read More

It was like a scene from the comic strip Hägar the Horrible. Clutching a beaker of ale in howling sea winds, I lurched toward the prow of the Viking... Read More

A former prison in Estonia that is now underwater is already popular with beachgoers and underwater divers in summer, but a new drone video shows how... Read More

Over 50 percent of Estonia is covered with forests, and a new project is helping bring the sounds of those woods to life.An architecture student... Read More

The Old World is exploring new frontiers as Europe’s PAN Parks, a highly regarded certification organization supported by the World Wildlife Fund,... Read More

Before I arrived in Estonia's capital, Tallinn, last summer, I had already spent several months in cities once concealed and distorted behind the iron... Read More

Is it difficult to manage an orchestra when many of its members don't live in your country? ANU It's something that could exist only in the jet age. We... Read More

It all started during a long consultation with a map.I was staring at the French Riviera, where we were thinking of spending a week. At some point my... Read More

Western Europe, pay attention: your neighbors to the east are in the middle of a design-hotel boom. PRAGUE Aria Hotel (9 Trziste, Mala Strana; 212/201... Read More

United StatesCalistoga RanchDon’t Miss An outdoor yoga class on a lakeside redwood deck. Napa Valley; 707/254-2800;; doubles from... Read More

Driving into Tallinn from its tiny airport is like hurtling back through time. The outer ring of Estonia's capital is grim Soviet high-rises. The inner... Read More

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