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Getting rest in economy class is often an act that requires a stroke of ingenuity: Do you crumple up a scarf and shove it between your neck and the... Read More

Best friends forever!Kathleen Saville and Olive Woodward — two 89-year-old women who have been friends since 1941, when they were just 11 — recently... Read More

More than 500 Ryanair passengers were diverted to other airports nearly 100 miles away while trying to land in London this week as Air Force One was... Read More

Returning for its seventh year, Christmas at the Kew promises to be the most spectacular, dazzling, and joy-filled event of the entire holiday season.... Read More wants to make this holiday season the most unique one yet. And it appears to be succeeding thanks to its over-the-top bookable — and edible ... Read More

In case you didn’t know, the British Royal Family travels a lot. This year alone, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a tour of several African nations,... Read More

Bridges aren’t usually the first thing you think of when choosing where to go on vacation, but these often-overlooked passageways can be architectural... Read More

Traveling with kids often means trying to find ways to entertain them and keep them comfortable in destinations designed for adults. But once in a... Read More

Camila Cabello has a royal confession to make — and Kensington Palace is all over it.The singer, who recently visited the palace to meet and celebrate... Read More

London has not renewed Uber's license to operate in the city, citing passenger safety concerns over the app's reported surge of unauthorized ... Read More

Whether the culprit is too many tequila shots in Tijuana or a magnum bottle of Cristal enjoyed overlooking the vineyards of Champagne, the aftereffect... Read More

Even your dog deserves a little holiday cheer.According to Metro, London’s Pug Cafe is hosting a special Christmas cafe for pugs, Pomeranians, and... Read More

Dog lovers, take note: Your dream job just became available.According to Metro, a staffing company is looking for the perfect candidate to live and take... Read More

The festive holiday season is finally here. And that means it’s time for everyone — including our favorite hotels — to bust out the decorations. However... Read More

It’s been a busy year for Mary Berry, author and beloved former judge on The Great British Bake Off (or The Great British Baking Show, as it’s called in... Read More

Sometimes, just a little nip of gin is all you need. Especially if you’re cleaning the Queen’s jewels.According to People, Queen Elizabeth’s longtime... Read More

Meghan Markle had a special guest drop by her Windsor home this week.On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton paid a visit to Frogmore Cottage and met Meghan, 38,... Read More

Qantas is proceeding on its epic long-haul flights test.On Thursday, a 19-hour flight from London to Sydney took off from London Heathrow at 6 a.m. It... Read More

England’s former soccer captain — and one of the most recognizable faces on the planet — David Beckham has unveiled plans for an unexpected career... Read More

London's National Portrait Gallery is closing in 2020 for renovations, but, thankfully, art lovers will be able to find the museum's works elsewhere in... Read More

After two years of solo appearances, Prince Harry was joined by his wife Meghan Markle at the Field of Remembrance service at Westminster Abbey on... Read More

Queen Elizabeth has always been a fashion icon, but her latest clothing decision may be her best one yet.Angela Kelly, who has worked for the Queen for... Read More

Prince Charles has been dragged into a counterfeit art scandal after it was revealed that classic works of art displayed at his Dumfries House estate in... Read More

Sports fans will often do just about anything to get to or from a game and The Duke of Sussex is no different.Prince Harry was spotted flying on... Read More

This article originally appeared on English cottage where Lily and James Potter intended to raise their son Harry — until He Who Must... Read More

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