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Earlier this year, photographer Simon Roberts traveled to Egypt for this month's issue of Travel + Leisure. His photographs accompany a ... Read More

The timing couldn’t have been better: I sat behind my 10-year-old old son, Brady, nine feet above the ground, teetering on the hump of a male camel in... Read More

Customs officials find all kind of strange contraband being smuggled in people’s suitcases, like roast pigs, giant millipedes, or even birds stuffed in... Read More

After nine years of restoration, Tutankhamun (AKA King Tut)’s tomb is making its grand re-debut.Since its discovery in 1922, the tomb has become... Read More

If you couldn't already tell by their party-ready eyeliner (OK, fine, it was full of lead, but work with us here), ancient Egyptians knew how to have a... Read More

Egypt’s archaeologists keep unearthing magnificent new finds.On Wednesday, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities revealed that archaeologists uncovered... Read More

If you’ve been looking for a new reason to make a journey to Egypt, we’ve got one for you: a 4,000-year-old tomb is opening to the public for the first... Read More

Archeologists have discovered one of the oldest villages to date in Egypt’s Nile Delta.The country's Antique Ministry announced on Sunday the discovery... Read More

When archaeologists re-excavating the tomb of Ptahmes, mayor of ancient Memphis, Egypt, found jars filled with a solid, white substance, they suspected... Read More

Jody Bear is a member of Travel + Leisure’s A-List, a collection of the top travel advisors in the world, and can help plan your perfect getaway. Below... Read More

Ever wondered what it sounds like in Lillehammer? What about Kiev? Cancun? A new project by travel aggregator Orbitz lets you listen in.To create... Read More

Archeologists have uncovered the tomb of an ancient priestess in Egypt.The tomb of Hetpet, which dates back 4,400 years, is covered in well-preserved... Read More

A British traveler has been sentenced to three years in jail after trying to bring painkillers considered illegal in Egypt into the country earlier... Read More

Saudi Arabia is building a mega-city that will span three different countries.The country’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, announced the ... Read More

Everyone told me not to take my three kids to Egypt. A friend from Pakistan said I was bananas. A half-Egyptian colleague confided she wouldn’t be... Read More

United Arab Emirates-based airline Etihad is launching a new program for customers to budget their air travel.The airline is now giving a 'fly now pay... Read More

This story originally appeared on Kourtney Kardashian is having the best time vacationing in Egypt with her boyfriend, Younes Bendjima, and... Read More

This story originally appeared on Tamina Koehne-Drube was a solicitor at King & Wood Mallesons in Canberra and Hong Kong. She... Read More

What you’ll end up paying for a cab can vary greatly from one country to another due to local regulations.To help travelers get a sense of what they can... Read More

Countries around the world can vary greatly when it comes to their tipping practices.While most Western nations expect you to tip, tipping may not be... Read More

Archeologists in Egypt uncovered a necropolis containing more than 17 mummies south of Cairo, Agence-France Presse reported.The find is "unprecedented"... Read More

The Nile River, stretching almost 4,160 miles from Uganda to Egypt, is the longest river in the world. Its title as the longest river is challenged only... Read More

An Egyptian excavation team has discovered remnants of a never-before-seen pyramid south of Cairo, Associated Press reported.The pyramid... Read More

This story originally appeared on giant, eight-meter statue thought to depict Pharaoh Ramses II, who ruled Egypt from 1279 to 1213 BCE, has... Read More

2016 is set to be a record year for U.S. travelers.According to National Travel and Tourism Office, the rate of Americans traveling abroad has increased... Read More

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