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Here in the year 2020, “the best underwater hotels around the world” is a real subject and not futuristic hypothesizing. Over the past few years, top... Read More

You’ve heard of Dubai, its dramatic skyscrapers and over-the-top construction projects that race to out-achieve one another. And you’ve heard of Abu... Read More

Dubai is not known for resting on its laurels. Less than two years after the city earned a Guinness World Record for having the world’s tallest hotel,... Read More

Dubai is known as one of the world’s most extravagant cities. The largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, it's home to the tallest... Read More

Last year, the internet freaked out when Emirates posted a photo of one of its 777 planes totally covered in crystals. The photo, which is... Read More

Dubai-based carrier Emirates Airline has a team of cabin crew made up of more than 20,000 individuals who travel from across the globe to move... Read More

Construction is now complete on one of the world’s most impressive infinity pools.Located on the 50th floor of the soon-to-open Palm Tower in Dubai,... Read More

Children traveling alone now have a new respite in the form of a Dubai airport lounge built exclusively for kids who are traveling without their... Read More

What do Travel + Leisure readers look for when choosing the best cities in Africa and the Middle East? The results of our World’s Best Awards survey for... Read More

This year’s top resort hotels in Africa and the Middle East are as spectacular as the landscapes they inhabit, which include vast stretches of desert,... Read More

The glittering cities of North Africa and the Middle East offer more to see and do with each passing year. Qatar’s capital city, Doha, just unveiled a... Read More

Working as a flight attendant comes with perks that include traveling to exotic locales around the world, but what does it take to land the role? ... Read More

Like the slowest traffic lane, the busiest airport is always the one that you’re stuck in. But if you’re flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta,... Read More

Dubai is a place of superlatives: the world's tallest building, biggest shopping mall, largest tin of caviar. It's easy to see why Dubai Creek, a... Read More

Travelers at Dubai International Airport found themselves temporarily delayed on Friday morning after an unauthorized drone was seen over a terminal,... Read More

Contrary to popular perception, Dubai (and the rest of the emirates) did not just pop out of the ground in the 1990s. Due to oil wealth, the city-state... Read More

Dubai, the Disneyland-esque city on the Persian Gulf, is known for everything being bigger, better, more dazzling and outrageous. There's an indoor ski... Read More

The buttery sand was still chilly, not yet warmed by the sure-to-be brilliant sun that had only barely risen above the horizon. Tiny track marks dotted... Read More

Dubai is a post-modern mecca, a sci-fi metropolis with an excess of nearly everything. Think Las Vegas by the sea, sans gambling, heavy drinking and... Read More

Dubai is the city of superlatives: the biggest, the tallest, the most expensive, even the cheapest. It has something for everyone. Full of glitz and... Read More

The Titanic‘s story will go on and on.A replica of the infamous passenger ship — dubbed the Titanic II — is set to make its first voyage in 2022. It... Read More

Amalia Lazarov is a member of Travel + Leisure’s A-List, a collection of the top travel advisors in the world, and can help plan your perfect... Read More

Dubai is certainly well-known for being an over-the-top travel destination, and with some of the most luxurious hotels, designer clothing stores, and... Read More

Anytime you travel, it’s always important to consider how expensive things might be in your destination. One way to determine relative prices is to pick... Read More

After 10 years of sitting in Dubai, the historic Queen Elizabeth 2 ocean liner is opening as a hotel.The QE2 rose to prominence when it set sail in 1969... Read More

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