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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to explore the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, or the countless natural sights of... Read More

No matter where you are in Denmark, you’re never more than 30 miles from the sea.Seaside life is an important part of Danish culture — and something... Read More

Sure, everyone around the globe may be busy fawning over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry this spring thanks to their upcoming nuptials, but it’s key... Read More

It was like a scene from the comic strip Hägar the Horrible. Clutching a beaker of ale in howling sea winds, I lurched toward the prow of the Viking... Read More

Charming centuries-old homes in alternating colors flank the uneven cobbled streets of Ærøskøbing, the picture-perfect capital of the Danish island of... Read More

What do you get when you combine rice pudding, akvavit, and the cozy, feel-good mood of hygge? Julefrokost, one of the most beloved rituals of... Read More

The holiday season is a time to reflect and relax at home — until it’s not.We’re not talking about that three-hour road trip or a quick train ride to... Read More

Airbus turned a routine test flight in the world's biggest airliner into a chance to get in the Christmas spirit.A flight crew based in Hamburg,... Read More

If you’ll be strapped for cash after the holiday season, don’t worry: You could still score an amazing vacation — for free.From now through December 24,... Read More

Every Christmas, a slew of letters addressed to Santa make their way to the North Pole.But where exactly is the North Pole? Depending on your definition... Read More

After the Faroe Islands' citizens launched a grassroots campaign that involved mounting cameras on sheep, Google Maps will finally be adding the North... Read More

Lego fans now have the chance to spend a night at the Lego House in a custom-made apartment decorated entirely with the toy bricks.Airbnb is hosting the... Read More

In the Danish town of Billund, a three-hour drive from Copenhagen where the famous Lego brick was founded, a brand new experience for Lego lovers has... Read More

Hold up.You might want to think about going back to college. Students at the University of Copenhagen now have the honor of studying the one and only... Read More

If the thought of standing for hours at a concert, museum, or theme park fills you with absolute dread, you’re not alone. Whether you’re unable to stand... Read More

This story originally appeared on Prince Henrik of Denmark is taking his bitterness to the grave.Today, a representative for the Danish... Read More

This story originally appeared on Tourists get a bad rap.And while being a tourist can be great, it's really all about respecting... Read More

Staying in Copenhagen’s atmospheric Latin Quarter can feel like traveling back in time. The neighborhood dates back to the 1200’s, with the founding of... Read More

What you’ll end up paying for a cab can vary greatly from one country to another due to local regulations.To help travelers get a sense of what they can... Read More

Parents looking to travel with their kids in the U.K. and northern Europe this summer can now take advantage of a serious perk on British Airways.The... Read More

Danish artist Thomas Dambo is inspiring nature lovers to explore the unknown depths of Copenhagen’s forests by hiding six giant sculptures... Read More

Danish beer-makers used more than 50,000 liters of urine from last year's Roskilde music festival to brew their Pilsner for this year’s harvest, The... Read More

If you’re already planning to take a trip to Europe this summer, you may want to stop and rethink how you’ll get there.Icelandair announced Thursday it... Read More

With its high season from June to August, summer in the Faroe Islands is a marked contrast to the rest of the year.There's daylight for up to 22 hours,... Read More

Sick of these April showers? Instead of waiting for the sun — or those promised summer flowers — take a trip to Europe to see the famous tulip... Read More

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