Mykonos, Santorini + the Aegean Cyclades Islands Travel Guide


Long considered to be the most romantic Greek isle— which explains its appeal for honeymooners—Santorini also has a unique natural environment. The crescent- shaped island is the world’s largest caldera (the result of volcanic explosion in 1500 b.c.). There is a still-active volcano, thriving villages (Fira and Oia), as well as pristine black-sand beaches and views from every corner. The highlight of each day is sunset: Picture a gold medallion dipping beneath the placid water.


  • Watching the sun set over the caldera from a cliffside terrace perch.

  • The unearthed ruins of Akrotiri of Thera, an ancient Minoan city discovered in 1967, after being buried under ashes for some 3,000 years.

  • Strong cocktails at Hasapiko, a hip buzzy bar that welcomes all “nationalities, sexualities and mentalities.”


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