Cozumel Travel Guide

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Located near Cancun, just off the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel is a small Mexican island in the Caribbean. Direct travel to Cozumel is possible for a number of Southeastern American airports. It's an easy, warm haven for Americans wanting to get away from the harsh winter climates or spring breakers eager for ample beaches for relaxing.

Things Not to Miss in Cozumel

• Hire a Cozumel travel guide who can help you enjoy all the water activities, like glass-bottom kayaking or snorkeling.
 • Rent a moped to get out of San Miguel, the island’s one urban region.
 • Visit Cozumel during one of its multitude of festivals that occur throughout the year.

When to Go to Cozumel

The tourist season peaks during May, June, and July, when daytime temperatures are in the low 80s and nighttime temperatures dip into the 70s, contrasting the hot summer temperatures in the US.

August to late October is the rainy season; hurricanes are not uncommon, and temperatures soar into the nineties. If you are prepared to risk heat and bad weather, though, you can score big deals on vacation packages, making your Cozumel travel even more affordable. Peak tourist time is winter when northerners from America and Europe escape harsh climates. The prices are highest then and crowds are thick.

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