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When a land dog meets a sea dog, they’re naturally going to become best friends.A dachshund named Stanley met a rescue seal named Aayla while visiting... Read More

It reads like a script from a Hollywood movie.When British aristocrat Charles Rogers died in August 2018, it was believed there was no heir to inherit... Read More

As a kid, dreams of uncovering buried treasure most likely consisted of unearthing pirate chests brimming with gold coins and bars. But hidden treasure... Read More

If you, like many others, made a New Year’s Resolution this year, there’s a good chance by now that you haven’t kept it. But in 2018, Pat Smith was one... Read More

While a charming hotel room in a quaint village in the mountains certainly makes for a charming and romantic getaway, why not turn it up a notch and... Read More

It seems like you can do yoga just about anywhere these days.You can do yoga with beer, yoga underwater and even yoga down the aisle of a plane (though,... Read More

There’s a particular spot in England that you might not think of as a tourist attraction — until you see it during Christmas.A plastic tunnel,... Read More

The English countryside probably doesn’t rank very high on most vodka aficionado’s travel hit list. And understandably so, given that more than 70... Read More

You may not have Mary Berry’s baking skills, but you can still cook in her kitchen.The former English countryside home of the “Great British Bake Off”... Read More

Meghan Markle may have made history a few weeks ago as a biracial and American royal bride, but soon another member of the royal family will enter... Read More

Most people love hotel beds because they’re soft and luxurious. However, there are some travelers out there who prefer a constant adrenaline rush... Read More

Finally, a job that makes it easy to relocate.A job opening for a Visitor Services Manager on St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, England, looks very... Read More

Unlike in the United States where online betting is frowned upon in most parts of the country, in the United Kingdom, Brits are free to bet pretty much... Read More

If you’re looking for the perfect, cozy hideaway, we’ve got just the right home for you. Emphasis on cozy.One of Britain’s narrowest homes, known as The... Read More

Case in point: Bryson William Verdun Hayes, from Croyde, Devon, in the U.K., just broke the world record for being the oldest person to skydive at the... Read More

Next time you're due for a family reunion, take inspiration from Albert and Ernie, two Shetland ponies from the U.K. who took a trip to meet their... Read More

One Saturday last spring, seven strangers and I plopped down on leather couches in the great room of Masseria della Zingara, a beautifully restored 18th... Read More

Try not to scream when you ride the newest rollercoaster at a British amusement park.That’s not a threat, but rather an unusual request from The Big... Read More

The beautiful coastline is a perfect palate cleanser after a few days in London or castle-hopping in the countryside.... Read More

In Cornwall, England, Port Eliot is the 1,000-year-old ancestral seat of the Earl and Countess of St. Germans, possibly the oldest continuously occupied... Read More

See Our Guide to Great BritainNight comes softly to St. Mawes in late July, like an illustration out of a children’s book. The sky is a dark navy,... Read More

The New Côte d’Azur: Cornwall, EnglandA sun-starred crowd heads to Britain’s southwest coast for its golden sands and celebrity-chef-owned restaurants.... Read More

When my husband, George, and I decided to take a holiday house at Berrington Hall, a Neoclassical mansion in England’s West Midlands owned by the... Read More

Contemporary architecture has a very high-profile critic in Prince Charles. For more than two decades, he has fought to thwart projects by some of the... Read More

Alice Waters, of Berkeley’s Chez Panisse, made sourcing regional ingredients de rigueur in the seventies, but her efforts were eclipsed in the eighties... Read More

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