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Things to do in Copenhagen can roughly be divided in two; those you will only want to do in summer, when Danes head outside to soak up every last bit... Read More

Things to do in Copenhagen can roughly be divided in two; those you will only want to do in summer, when Danes head outside to soak up every last bit of daylight, and those to enjoy when winter lowers itself over the country, forcing you inside with its darkness and cold temperatures. In summer locals enjoy being by, on and in the water. Rent a kayak or a small motor boat to explore the city’s canals, head to the harbor bath at Islands Brygge to swim, tan, and party with the rest of the city, walk around the inner lakes or the lake of Christiania, or find a bar located on the waterside to take in the passing boat traffic. Familiarize yourself with the city by renting a bike, which will allow you to spend your days at the beautiful beaches north of Copenhagen and your nights at the city’s Meatpacking District, without wasting time sitting in a train.

In autumn and winter it’s all about cozying up inside. Wondering what to do in Copenhagen then? The many museums and galleries will provide you with provocative color on grey, rainy days; you can explore the treasures of the royal castles or just find a bar with a fireplace, a wine list, and a friendly bartender to help you cure the blues. If nothing works, do as the Danes do and head to the Botanical Garden to soak up the heat and humidity in the stunningly beautiful greenhouses made of glass.

The heart of Copenhagen is surprisingly compact. You can easily stroll along the Strøget, walk up to the Castle overlooking the harbor, drop by the Little Mermaid, tour the Amalienborg Palace, and get to Nyhavn with is waterfront restaurants in time for a late lunch. Strøget, Europe's longest pedestrian mall, runs through the heart of Copenhagen and is home to both international brands but also uniquely Danish stores, like the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain outlet and a branch of the Magasin du Nord department store. English-language tours of the contemporary Opera House, designed by Henning Larsen, are offered daily for 100 kroner. Tickets should be booked in advance on the website. Perhaps the most famous amusement park in the world, Tivoli Gardens isn't big on high-speed roller coasters. Instead it's more of a playland meets beer garden, with the rides decidedly mellow as parents and grandparents come as much to stroll, snack and socialize.

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