Restaurants in Copenhagen

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Named for the abbrevation of “first floor, on the right,” Mette Martinussen's apartment-turned-restaurant aims to make diners feel like they... Read More

The Danish open-faced sandwich has entered a new golden age. Exhibit A: the jewel-like creations at Aamanns, particularly the artful assemblage of cured... Read More

With its location on the 20th floor and what might be the best view of Copenhagen—you're looking down on the amusement park Tivoli, the City Hall, the... Read More

The expectations were high when Matthew Orlando, Noma's former head chef, announced that he was leaving the world's best restaurant to open his own, but... Read More

Housed in an old pharmacy, Bang and Jensen in trendy Vesterbro has a lived-in feel with mismatched, second-hand mid-century modern furniture, vintage... Read More

The wood-fired pizzas have thin, blistery crusts, the burrata is creamy, the high-quality charcuterie is house-made, and all of it is organic. That... Read More

Café Nemoland had its beginnings as a fruit and vegetable store managed by a guy named Nemo, who used old military... Read More

A fashionable café with all the trappings of a proper French bistro (leather banquettes; brass fixtures; walls of mirrors). But here you'll find... Read More

The chefs at Clou follow no dogma; the only thing the food is subject to is the almost impossibly high culinary ambitions of the chefs in the kitchen.... Read More

Grab a seat at a long, communal drafting table, and you suddenly find yourself at a boisterous dinner party with all the right people. The seasonal menu... Read More

The local favorite Cofoco recently opened this tiny outpost, where the menu changes daily. Try the Sicilian meatballs with pine nuts, or a classic... Read More

Emmerys, a local chain of bakeries and cafés, is known for its organic bread and baked goods. Metal shelves along the white-tiled walls are lined... Read More

Gourmet hot dogs are the only thing on the menu at Foderbrættet, but don't be mistaken: the place is a lot more than an extended hot dog stand. You can... Read More

Literally meaning "forwards and backwards," Forlaens & Baglaens is a small tapas bar serving authentic Spanish-inspired dishes predominately... Read More

A Michelin one-starred restaurant, Formel B serves Danish and French fusion cuisine crafted by its chefs, Kristian Møller and Rune Jochumsen. M... Read More

Arguably one of the city’s top restaurants, Geranium has garnered critical acclaim for its inventive, modern take on Scandinavian cuisine. Chef Rasmus... Read More

The Meatpacking District favorite Gorilla is a massive restaurant divided in two: there's an animated bar area, also serving hearty snacks, and a more... Read More

Housed inside the Hotel Nimb, Michelin one-starred Restaurant Herman serves cuisine that pays tribute to the culinary traditions of the Danish... Read More

The decor at hip Höst matches the Nordic cuisine perfectly prepared by the chefs: the raw impression created by the recycled wood, lambskin, granite,... Read More

Kadeau might be located in the center of Copenhagen, but its heart is beating for Bornholm, a Danish vacation island in the Baltic Ocean. That is where... Read More

Specializes in straightforward brasserie food served alongside avant-garde art installations from the likes of Olafur Eliasson. Read More

At KUL—Danish for charcoal—you can get whatever you want, as long as it's something barbecued. Dishes such as Korean style spareribs, turbot with Asian... Read More

This 2010 restaurant opened to raves last year inside the now-trendy former slaughterhouse complex. Despite the tile walls and meat hooks used for coat... Read More

Owned by four siblings, this popular Vietnamese restaurant serves cuisine heavily influenced by the culinary traditions of southern Vietnam. The... Read More

Michelin-starred chef Francis Cardnau and partners Jesper Boelskifte and Erik Witting operate this popular French bistro and wine bar, just south of the... Read More

Les Trois Cochons, which means “the three pigs,” is a French-inspired eatery housed inside a repurposed butcher shop. The menu includes a... Read More

Husband and wife team Rikke Malling and head chef Thorsten Schmidt have achieved notoriety with their namesake restaurant since 2005. A... Read More

Located in Christiania, Manefiskeren (Moonfisher in English) is one of the area's most popular hangouts. Housed in an 18th-century brick building with... Read More

Located on the street level an apartment building in the upscale Fredriksberg area, Meyers Deli is just one of several Copenhagen venues run by Claus... Read More

Located in the Fredriksberg Gardens and on land belonging to the Royal Danish Garden Society, Mielcke & Hurtigkal takes a cue from nature to inspire... Read More

A vegetarian restaurant that has been open for over 20 years, Morgenstedet is a small cottage with a whitewashed exterior that's surrounded by a... Read More

Located next to Copenhagen's gourmet food market Torvehallerne, Musling—Danish for mussels—serves affordable and creative seafood in a casual setting.... Read More

At the cozy cafe Møller Kaffe & Køkken they serve breakfast all day, and they do it so well you will want to return for lunch and dinner. You... Read More

Located in the Tivoli Gardens, the Nimb Brasserie serves Scandinavian cuisine from its three open kitchens at the center of the dining room. Floor-to... Read More

The city’s haute temple of terroir, recently ranked No. 1 in the world by Restaurant magazine. New Nordic Cuisine star René Redzepi... Read More

The tables are crammed together and the chairs are rickety, the bread is served in paper bags and the water in plastic cups, and the service is casual... Read More

The name says it all: Oysters & Grill is all about seafood and barbecue. Start with the selection of fried and deep fried shellfish—prepare to fight... Read More

You'll be spoiled for choice at PapirØen, Copenhagen's street food market, where food trucks cooking tasty grub from all over the world fill up the... Read More

The café and adjoining bookshop are perfect for getting work done. Read More

You pour your own wine, the cutlery is cheap, the furniture is secondhand, and the food is inexpensive—but it's all so good that Relæ has been awarded a... Read More

This Michelin one-starred restaurant, housed inside a whitewashed, 17th-century cellar, serves inventive, Scandinavian-influenced French cuisine. The... Read More

Two former sous chefs from Noma are behind this small restaurant, where the design and the service is as relaxed as the culinary ambitions are high. A... Read More

Owned by brothers Jesper, Michael, and Lasse Koch, Restaurant Koch overlooks the harbor in Aarhus. The restaurant has an upscale brasserie feel and... Read More

Part of a waterfont furniture showroom complex designed by the same architect responsible for the Sydney Opera House, Copenhagen-born Jørn Utzon,... Read More

Book way ahead at this 1877 institution and order the halibut with truffled-egg sandwiches. To drink: a selection of four dozen aquavits. Read More

What happens when you cross sushi with smørrebrød? Dainty “smushi” at this Moderne-Baroque space just off the city’s... Read More

Smorrebrod (which translates as "bread and butter") is the classic Danish lunch, consisting of a piece of bread with a variety of toppings&mdash... Read More

The excellent bobo restaurant, housed in a 19th-century warehouse, serves reindeer over roasted organic mushrooms with berry and aniseed sauce. Read More

Stedsans is as unlikely a restaurant as they come: it's an organic spot located in a greenhouse on top of a 6,500 square-foot urban farm on the rooftop... Read More

Named for Denmark's most famous philospher, Soren K is located on the first floor of the ultramodern Black Diamond addition to the city's Royal Library.... Read More

Few people knew what to expect on their plates when former el Bulli and Noma chefs opened the Venezuelan restaurant Taller in 2015. The restaurant... Read More

At Uformel, Formel B's little brother, the kitchen's point of departure is the Nordic cuisine, but there are no dogmas. A daily selection of 15 dishes... Read More

Copenhagen’s answer to Manhattan’s posh Nobu, Umami is a French and Japanese fusion restaurant and sushi bar that has become a magnet for... Read More

The after-work spot for theater people, this restaurant and bar is situated on a houseboat in Christianshavn. Read More

Known for its cheap beer and laid back vibe, Woodstock was the liberal freetown of Christiania's very first bar and offers beer at 16kr while... Read More

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