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People who’ve never been to Copenhagen tend to imagine its style in extremes: cozy comfort (a.k.a. hygge) or chic minimalism. But a casual walk along... Read More

On the summer’s longest Saturday, late in the day but hours before dark, I joined the currents of humanity converging on the former shipyards at... Read More

For many, the phrase Danish design conjures the elegant functionality and earthy minimalism of the country’s midcentury furniture. But the postwar... Read More

Fifteen years ago, the chef and wild-ingredients champion René Redzepi introduced the world to the hyper-seasonal, vegetable-forward style of cookery... Read More

“Let’s get bikes,” my son said. “We have to, Dad.”I’d been dreading this. Toby had remembered my promise. Now what?He and I were spending a week... Read More

Traveling to Europe and the Caribbean this fall or winter is looking like a bargain.Norwegian Air is having a sale on one-way flights to popular... Read More

Now is a great time to book a cheap flight to Europe for travel this fall.Scott’s Cheap Flights spotted deals from many cities across to the U.S. to... Read More

No matter where you are in Denmark, you’re never more than 30 miles from the sea.Seaside life is an important part of Danish culture — and something... Read More

What do you get when you combine rice pudding, akvavit, and the cozy, feel-good mood of hygge? Julefrokost, one of the most beloved rituals of... Read More

The holiday season is a time to reflect and relax at home — until it’s not.We’re not talking about that three-hour road trip or a quick train ride to... Read More

Hold up.You might want to think about going back to college. Students at the University of Copenhagen now have the honor of studying the one and only... Read More

This story originally appeared on Tourists get a bad rap.And while being a tourist can be great, it's really all about respecting... Read More

Staying in Copenhagen’s atmospheric Latin Quarter can feel like traveling back in time. The neighborhood dates back to the 1200’s, with the founding of... Read More

What you’ll end up paying for a cab can vary greatly from one country to another due to local regulations.To help travelers get a sense of what they can... Read More

If you’re already planning to take a trip to Europe this summer, you may want to stop and rethink how you’ll get there.Icelandair announced Thursday it... Read More

Sick of these April showers? Instead of waiting for the sun — or those promised summer flowers — take a trip to Europe to see the famous tulip... Read More

Travelers can score round-trip flights for less than $400 from several U.S. cities to Copenhagen, Denmark, for this November and December. ... Read More

Can’t wait until June for those $69 flights to Europe? WOW Air is once again one-upping Norwegian Airlines, and offering travelers $70 flights as early... Read More

According to the Airfare Spot, round-trip tickets are now on sale to Scandinavia, with prices as low as $275 throughout March. Travelers departing the... Read More

With travel and gifts and eating out, the holidays can get expensive quickly.Just how expensive can vary widely depending on where you're spending the... Read More

For the first time, Copenhagen's city center now has more bikes on its streets than cars.The Copenhagen municipality first started manual traffic counts... Read More

Copenhagen is finding many creative ways to move forward as part of its ongoing mission to become the world’s first zero-carbon city by 2025. Some of... Read More

Danes are known for the simplicity yet functionality of their design: it’s all clean lines and impeccable taste. Their hallmark minimalist style... Read More

The best way to figure out what to do in Copenhagen is on two wheels. After all, this Danish city is an attractive network of cobblestone streets and... Read More

A transformation occurred in Copenhagen with the New Nordic cuisine movement, and what was once littered with tiki cocktails and beer bars has become an... Read More

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