Colombia Travel Guide

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Colombia is South America's best-kept secret. For decades the country was torn apart by a drug war and conflicts with leftist groups, but travel to Colombia today is safe — and rewarding. Colombia travel includes both colonial towns and the dynamic big cities of Bogota and Medellin, tropical seaside resorts, and the lush and cooler highlands. Nature lovers will bask in the greenery and wildlife found in the Amazon rainforest and on shade coffee plantations, while travelers who just want to kick back and relax can do so on one of Colombia's lovely beaches. History buffs may want to visit the archeological ruins of ancient pre-Columbian civilizations, while adrenaline junkies can get their fill surfing, scuba diving and mountain climbing. For the music lover, to visit Colombia is to journey to the land of salsa, while for the shopper, its markets glitter with fabulous local gems.

Things Not to Miss in Colombia

Colombia is a large and varied country, but our Colombia travel guide will point you to the country's highlights, including:

• The Gold Museum in Bogota
• Cartagena's Old Town
• Medellin's nightlife
• Coffee plantations in the Zona Cafetera
• The Amazon rainforest

When to Go to Colombia

Colombia's dry season runs from December to March, and it's the ideal time for exploring the country — especially if you are escaping the winter months in areas to the country's north. However, the Caribbean coast of the country's climate changes little throughout the year, so feel free to plan your visits year-round.

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