Restaurants in China

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History buffs will love the Sunday afternoon tea in the historic Jasmine Lounge at Shanghai’s iconic Peace Hotel. The Peace Hotel’s Old Jazz band (many... Read More

Babbo alumnus Vinny Lauria serves hearty Italian standards—beef carpaccio; bucatini all’amatriciana; Neapolitan-style pizza—against a... Read More

Facing the lake, the Hyatt Regency's atmospheric, antiques-filled restaurant serves classic Hangzhou fare, such as beggar's chicken and Dongpo rou-a... Read More

Located within the Rockbund development, this glamorous restaurant is the best place to indulge in fine Italian fare like Hokkaido scallops with fava... Read More

Cong you bing—a scallion oil pancake—is one of Shanghai’s most famous and delicious street foods. Stuffed with scallions grilled in pork fat, this... Read More

This restaurant on the eleventh floor of Le Royal Méridien hotel offers a taste of France in the hub of Shanghai. This 50-seat location puts food... Read More

The über-chic modern dining room and towering, panoramic harbor views are stunning, but the cuisine—half Japanese, half Italian—is just... Read More

The most fabulous of the restaurants in the sprawling China World Hotel, Aria attracts a hip, well-dressed, and largely Western-expat crowd. The... Read More

This small shop was originally intended to sell handmade crafts, but the owner found so many people stopping in looking for coffee that he decided to... Read More

This wildly popular chain of cafes belongs to the omnipresent Wagas Group. While it isn’t the most charming or original café on this list, Baker &... Read More

One of China’s most popular breakfast foods, baozi are steamed buns stuffed with hearty fillings. The mantou bread—however bland on its own—makes the... Read More

Designed by a New Yorker, this edgy lounge and restaurant is definitely not for the whole family. Bold canvases, antique opium beds, and polished... Read More

"This Bellagio is not a Las Vegas hotel, but a faux-swanky Taiwanese brasserie. There are several locations in Shanghai, and they're all open at all... Read More

Irish-born chef Brian McKenna was something of a Continental wunderkind—by his early 20s, he’d already worked in several Michelin-starred... Read More

This controversial restaurant serving molecular cuisine originated as one of Hong Kong’s storied private kitchens and then morphed into what it is... Read More

Boxing Cat Brewery is the city’s leading microbrewery serving American comfort food with a Southwestern touch (think jalapeno corn bread and pulled pork... Read More

A team of Japanese chefs prepare robatayaki, or grilled meats and seafood, in this atmospheric, lantern-lit restaurant, located ina 19th-century... Read More

Yes, it’s a little on the touristy side—okay, more than a little—but this sprawling restaurant atop Victoria Peak is well worth a... Read More

A spacious, wood-accented respite from the bustling departures area, this café offers dramatic views over the runways and the South China Sea,... Read More

Order the steak tartare and a side of chef Gray Kunz’s signature house-made ketchup or sea bass in ginger bouillon while taking in the amazing... Read More

There’s no need to settle for one culinary style at this vast international buffet, located on the seventh floor of the Island Shangri-La hotel.... Read More

Following a recent expansion, this Gulou fixture, a long-standing cafe and restaurant, now features a large courtyard space and rooftop Read More

Come for the homey black-and-white-tiled space and two-inch-thick toast topped with silky scrambled eggs. Locals also love the café's macaroni-and-ham... Read More

Founded by Michelle Garnaut of Shanghai’s M on the Bund fame, Capital M serves high-end European cuisine with Beijing’s best views of Qianmen's... Read More

This restaurant on the sixth floor of the Four Seasons Hong Kong has established itself as a French cuisine authority in Hong Kong, earning two Michelin... Read More

From the lightly provocative art by Mao Tong Qiang (the iconic Iwo Jima soldiers hoisting a gigantic dollar symbol instead of the Stars and Stripes) to... Read More

Witness the 1940’s ambience, retro chandeliers, and gray-haired servers at the new but oh-so-old-world restaurant. Flower crab steeped in aged... Read More

CHAR is an excellent, elegant steakhouse housed in the young, stylish Indigo Hotel on the southern reaches of the Bund. The only thing that impresses... Read More

This retro-style, greasy-spoon Hong Kong diner is always jam-packed with young locals, who patiently wait an hour so they can split a table with... Read More

Chi Lin Vegetarian, a restaurant inside the Chi Lin nunnery in Nan Lian garden, a stunning Buddhist temple complex in Kowloon; its isolation has allowed... Read More

They say behind every great man is a powerful woman. This seems to be true of famed French chef Jean Georges, whose wife, Marja Vongerichten, recently... Read More

Perched atop the 66th floor of the Park Hyatt hotel, China Grill provides diners an unparalleled vantage point of the city that includes views of the... Read More

Located on the first floor of the Sichuan representative office in Beijing, Chuan Ban is reputed to be one of the most authentic Chengdu restaurants in... Read More

Not all of Hong Kong’s notable restaurants are in the heart of the city; this one—famous for its fresh, reasonably priced seafood—is... Read More

Located on the second floor of Cosmo Hotel Mongkok, this cinema-inspired eatery is named after the Italian film studio that produced the work of... Read More

This convention center–size favorite is still everything you want: bustle, extended families, and a never-ending parade of steaming carts... Read More

Similar to an American speakeasy, this gourmet Chinese restaurant is part of a local culinary tradition known as a “private kitchen,” a... Read More

The first venture outside Singapore for pastry chef Janice Wong. She serves signature sweets like “chocolate H2O” (a mousse cake made with Evian instead... Read More

This renovated townhouse in the French Concession district provides an elegant, dimly lit backdrop for a Thai dinner. The interior is marked by teak... Read More

Overrun with ravenous foodies, The Commune Social is one of the hardest places to snag a dinner reservation in Shanghai (despite the fact that it’s now... Read More

A meal at the Commune Social is adventure. This is not the place where you linger over candlelit white tablecloths for hours; rather chef Jason Atherton... Read More

Coquille is a premium contemporary European seafood restaurant in a quieter side of town, just south of Xintiandi on Mengzi Road. This is the second... Read More

Although located on the second floor of the Xintiandi shopping mall, this restaurant is far from the typical food court options found in malls. Bright... Read More

Crystal Jade is the real deal. The Singapore chain has many locations around the city. The Xintiandi flagship is constantly packed with a sophisticated... Read More

The lonely expat from Italy needn’t look far for a taste of the homeland, since this Causeway Bay restaurant brings in fresh ingredients from Rome... Read More

The convivial atmosphere and tender duck pancakes make it one of the top places to try Beijing's most famous dish, peking duck. Read More

For an authentic Peking Duck experience, locals swear by Dadong, just a 10-minute walk from Chaoyang Park Beach. After a complex process of inflating... Read More

Hidden among the back alleys of Beijing and within the Dongcheng neighborhood, the Dali Courtyard offers a quaint outdoor setting and authentic... Read More

De Xin Guan is nestled in between People’s Square and The Bund. This mid-sized eatery is a more comfortable and sanitized version of a hole-in-the-wall... Read More

A 400-year-old institution on the same pedestrian thoroughfare, where the specialty is a rich braised ham with honey glaze. Read More

With two locations in the heart of the city, Di Shui Dong is a longtime favorite for Shanghai locals and expats. It’s not exactly known for its polished... Read More

The chief attraction at this venerable Taiwanese chain is the xiaolongbao—small, delicately-wrapped dumplings filled with hot soup. The restaurant is a... Read More

Diehard street foodies might groan when they read this suggestion. Some argue that Din Tai Fung lost some of its local flavor and street cred as it... Read More

Ubiquitous chain with English menus and solid xiao long bao. Various locations. Read More

To a college student, “hot pot” might mean its ramen night again. But in Asia, it takes on an entirely different meaning: Ding Ding Xiang... Read More

Four Seasons devotes itself to the hearty staple of the northern (Dongbei) diet: big, rustic dumplings. In the modestly decorated restaurant, cheerful... Read More

This Mongolian hotpot restaurant takes open kitchen to the whole new level, putting the diners in charge of adding ingredients to the simmering pot at... Read More

Dr. Wine is a bit crowded and noisy, but that’s part of the appeal; this is, after all, Shanghai’s favorite wine bar. The ambience is cozy yet modern,... Read More

Dai Jianjun is one of the country's most obsessive locavore chefs: his 10-course dinners, served in eight wooden pavilions in a landscaped garden, raise... Read More

Part restaurant and part nightclub, Dragon-i draws a seemingly endless parade of models and A-list celebrities, with past guests including David Beckham... Read More

Housed in a former factory compound in Sanlitun, Duck de Chine marries French and Chinese cuisines in chic industrial wood-and-concrete surroundings... Read More

Not your average dim sum join, Duddell's culinary profile mirrors its eclectic approach to interior design. Classic Cantonese dishes are given a Western... Read More

A refreshing alternative to the city’s ubiquitous Chinese restaurants, this small café serves traditional Cuban fare in the Changning... Read More

With views over the city's financial district, this Bund-side Spanish restaurant specializes in modern and extravagant tapas like beef cheeks with... Read More

A traditional Chinese restaurant with roots dating back to the Qing Dynasty, this celebrated spot is the go-to for fine Chinese dining. Read More

Farine is a chic artisanal boulangerie headed by one of Shanghai’s most respected French chefs, Franck Pecol. Located in the stylish Ferguson Lane block... Read More

The glowing harbor from this restaurant's 28th floor window resembles a nautical Times Square with boats beating their way across the water, framed by a... Read More

Kowloon may not be the first place you’d expect to find Nordic seafood, but “Food, Ideas, Nightlife, Drinks, and Service” aims to... Read More

The Ritz Carlton Pudong Shanghai has been wowing travelers and residents with the captivating panoramas of their sky-high lounge Flair. Located on the... Read More

A popular Parisian bistro that boasts it's fine dining in a comfortable, brasserie-style environment, guests are impressed with high quality fare that... Read More

Classic Shanghainese food in a French Concession villa. Read More

Tables at Fu 1088 are some of the hardest to snag in Shanghai. You’ll need to make a reservation look before you arrive at the 1930s Spanish-style... Read More

Tables at Fu 1088 are some of the hardest to snag in Shanghai. You’ll need to make a reservation look before you arrive at the 1930s Spanish-style... Read More

Fu Chun is my go-to introductory experience for out-of-town guests hankering to chow down on some xiao long bao. This bustling neighborhood joint has a... Read More

Set in a colonial townhouse, this vegetarian Shanghainese restaurant from chef and restaurateur Tony Lu was 2015's highest new entry in Asia's... Read More

High-end Shanghainese fare from chef and restaurateur Tony Lu, don't miss the marinated hairy crab with yellow rice wine, or the chef's abalone tarts... Read More

A two-story lounge, gallery, and restaurant from Danish silverware and jewelry brand Georg Jensen, the Georg has become the talk of the town since it... Read More

The real gem of Ginger is the spacious second-floor terrace shaded by the trees of the neighboring park. I like to come here on sunny afternoons after... Read More

Central Hong Kong neighborhood restaurant Goccia serves Southern Italian cuisine. The bi-level eatery has ambient lighting, panoramic picture windows,... Read More

Money, food, and gossip fuel Hong Kong, and you can find a nice combination of the three at the Golden Valley restaurant at the Emperor Hotel, in Happy... Read More

Don’t expect a traditional “t” house at this Chaoyang district restaurant; it defies categorization. Artist and musician Jin R founded... Read More

At the entrance to this popular Italian eatery, a large oven churns out batch after batch of the restaurant's eponymous dish: homemade breadsticks ... Read More

This chilled-out bistro, set inside the hipster-hub, DJ lab and indie menswear store KIN, is owned by Shanghai hip-hop impresario Gary Wang. The... Read More

KIN is the city’s certifiably coolest menswear store and hip-hop hub run by Shanghai’s veteran DJ Gary Wang. The KIN compound is also home to the Grumpy... Read More

Cuisine from the southern Hunan region is known for its smoke, spice, and rich color. This Jing’an neighborhood restaurant’s reputation... Read More

With a premier Bund-side location, this restaurant offers Michelin-starred Cantonese cuisine including crispy duck with caviar and Chilean sea bass in... Read More

Haya Ronen plays dual roles of chef and owner at this spot in the Jing ‘an district that specializes in Israeli-influenced fare. The purple and... Read More

The name alone should be a giveaway to crustacean-seeking diners. Try the typhoon shelter crab, a specialty dish made with black beans, garlic and chili. Read More

Dishes like roast goose and Hong Kong-style French toast are loosely based on chicken and waffles, its Western counterpart, but the taste and execution... Read More

Meat lovers flock to this local favorite for brisket, pulled pork, baby back ribs, and BBQ chicken. Don't miss out on the fried okra, hush puppies,... Read More

With an interior modeled after that of an historic Beijing courtyard home, this Cantonese restaurant offers one of the city’s most elegant dining... Read More

The revamped Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui houses Hugo’s, a stalwart restaurant favored by the city’s power brokers. On the menu: standards... Read More

While the restaurant’s name refers to an old alley or lane, nothing could be further from reality. Dark tones, dramatic lighting, red lanterns,... Read More

In & Out may be decked out like Yunnanese village, complete with wait staff dressed in costumes, but the food is the real focus here, with delicious... Read More

Located on the third level of the International Finance Center Mall, this upscale restaurant serves classic Italian fare amid panoramic views of... Read More

Occupying an entire floor of a commercial tower, Issaya Siamese Club is lined with vintage-inspired wallpaper, flashy cushions and ultra wide sofas... Read More

Jackie is Shanghai’s premier beer aficionado with a quiet cult following. In 2008 the avid beer lover opened his hole-in-the-wall Beer Nest with just a... Read More

Hong Kongers and dim sum addicts flock to the enormous Cantonese restaurant Jade Garden, which occupies an entire floor in one of the shiny new towers... Read More

One of multiple Jade Garden locations in Shanghai, this restaurant near the Luwan district serves Shanghainese dishes and specialties, such as drunken... Read More

Chef de cuisine Franckelie Laloum, formerly of Michelin three-starred Maison Pic and Maison Troisgros, brings his top-shelf experience to this French... Read More

French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten incorporates his affinity for Eastern tastes into the flavors and textures of his cuisine. The first restaurant... Read More

Whenever local residents suggest going out for a Shanghainese dinner, Jesse is often the favorite destination. This cozy, noisy, and fast-paced... Read More

The crabmeat dumplings are available at a decadent (for Shanghai) splurge of $14 for a dozen and are thin-skinned with a deeply, sweetly crabby rich... Read More

Shanghai’s xiao long bao soup dumpling scene is a fiercely competitive one. Nevermind an attractive ambience and stylish décor, to reign supreme hinges... Read More

You cannot leave Shanghai without trying a jianbing, the most delicious breakfast food in China, if not the entire planet. It’s that good. They are thin... Read More

At this charming, casual joint specializing in Shanghainese cuisine, everything about the food here is traditional (except for the MSG and generous use... Read More

"This is a 24-hours restaurant that serves Cantonese cuisine, mainly in small dim sum portions. It's a great place for people-watching, too. The shrimp... Read More

Inside the PuLi Hotel and Spa, Jing'An serves artistically plated French-inflected fare including seared fois gras with sweet wine or galette with... Read More

When I feel like splurging on a lavish brunch, Jing’An, the revered restaurant at the five-star Puli Hotel and Spa, never disappoints. The minimalist... Read More

Soup noodles with braised brisket, sweet spices, and tangerine peel is a steal at just $2. Read More

“Father of the Nation” Sun Yat-Sen was a member of the “Hakka” people, migratory Han Chinese who speak their own language and... Read More

Owner Lau Kin Wai once critiqued the work of artists; now he scrutinizes culinary art and invites diners to form their own opinion of the Cantonese fare... Read More

Famed Chinese author Lu Xun wrote a short story about a student/vagrant named Kong Jiyi whose love of the bottle kept him from earning his degree.... Read More

Despite the Gallic name, this restaurant is unmistakably and indelibly Chinese—from its courtyard-style entryway to its menu of fine, time-tested... Read More

Originating in Lanzhou province, the local dish known as lamian (meaning “pulled noodle”) is a generous serving of noodles in a giant bowl of fragrant... Read More

Treat yourself to an over-the-top dinner at the Philippe Starck-designed LAN, full of Baroque accents and crowd-pleasing dishes (oysters in spicy-sauce;... Read More

For authentic local food, try the 20-course small-bite tasting menu, including duck sesame buns. Read More

One of the most unique dining experiences in Shanghai, Le Restaurant École Institut Paul Bocuse is an offshoot of the famed Paul Bocuse cooking school... Read More

Le Vin is a small and subdued alternative to Shanghai’s bigger, bustling wine bars. Nestled into a charming spot on Changle Road, Le Vin specializes in... Read More

This chain of uncomplicated Singapore-originated restaurants manages to do just about everything right. Feast on standards such as lobster with ginger... Read More

Lei Garden is an upmarket Canontese restaurant with Michelin stars in Hong Kong and outposts all over Southeast Asia, including nearly 20 in Shanghai.... Read More

For some reason this secret hasn’t spread like wildfire yet: Li Long Fang makes the same delicious dumplings of renowned Jia Jia Tang Bao (above), but... Read More

A real slice of old Beijing, this atmospheric restaurant is set along one of the city’s quickly disappearing hutongs. ... Read More

Liangpi literally translates as “cold skin” but don’t be deterred by the less-than-appetizing name. This cold dish is a great nosh for hot days when you... Read More

At the 16-seat counter at the industrial-chic restaurant diners watch Jean Georges–trained chef Makoto Ono prepare a seven-course omakase meal in... Read More

Housed in the site of China’s first Y.W.C.A., Light & Salt is a literary-themed “Old Shanghai” concept, which binds restaurant, bar, and bookshop.... Read More

Immerse yourself in history as you settle into a seat at the Long Bar of The Waldorf Astoria. Formerly the Shanghai Club—an early 1900s gentleman’s club... Read More

Complete with beautiful ethnic décor, this famed Shanghai Bund-side dining location offers excellent Yunnanese, Tibetan, Burmese, and Thai cuisine in a... Read More

Located in the city's SoHo district, Lotus is self-labeled as modern Thai. The front of the restaurant is open-air, making it great for watching... Read More

Sample local specialties include stuffed-beggar’s chicken and fatty dongpo pork at the great Louwailou restaurant. Read More

A three-floored building of the Ming Dynasty style is home to this restaurant, famously said to have hosted Bill Clinton and Fidel Castro. Rumor says... Read More

The spirit of old Hong Kong is brought to life in Luk Tu teahouse that's known as much for its dim sum as it is for its tea. Read More

This is the only restaurant in Hong Kong to get three stars from the 2009 Michelin guide, and the locals were not all pleased. Sample harangue: &ldquo... Read More

The dark, Deco-y Shanghainese restaurant serves roast duck wrapped in mantou buns, kao fu, a warm, brown, bready, tofu-like rice-gluten substance that... Read More

The M Bar at the Mandarin Oriental hotel allows you to gaze straight down onto the harbor from the 25th floor. The Earl Grey “mar-tea-ni,”... Read More

On Sunday mornings, young expat families brunch on the terrace of M on the Bund, Shanghai’s first fine-dining Western-style restaurant, framed... Read More

Some say this restaurant in the Grand Hyatt rests atop Beijing’s food pyramid. Made in China's ground-floor Dongcheng neighborhood location... Read More

You haven’t had a proper Shanghai brunch until you’ve dug into plates of duck-fat French fries and eggs Benedict at Madison. The contemporary American... Read More

Daniel Boulud’s French-American outpost with a Beijing twist housed in the former U.S. Embassy. The goose egg en cocotte with smoked potato and... Read More

Go to the 25th floor of the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, for the sweeping views and gold-plated dim sum such as Wagyu beef–and–black pepper... Read More

Englishman Robin Zavou is now heading this Michelin-starred restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. With him at the helm, the power lunchers dine on... Read More

On the Pudong side of the Huangpu River, Marina DM is helmed by Spanish chef Daniel Negreira and offers high-concept European fine dining with... Read More

Lei Keung Kee is the food stall that grabbed the attention of the mighty powers at Michelin, but Master Low-Key Foodshop—a gem in the remote... Read More

Passersby wouldn't know by looking at it, but this eight-table eatery in the hutongs serves Beijing's most authentic Italian food. Read More

One of the latest ventures from Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten (who also has another, namesake restaurant just a stone’s throw away),... Read More

When it comes to cheap Chinese eats, Mia’s offers many fresher, healthier alternative to heavy dumplings and noodles.  Quaint and inexpensive, the... Read More

Perched in the middle of a man-made lake, the path to this house twists and turns (legend says spirits don’t do curves.) Also known as &ldquo... Read More

65-year-old Mido Café is one of the places that still captures the spirit and ambiance of vintage Hong Kong. The signature pork chop baked rice is well... Read More

The Mosto Group's latest venture is all about simple, healthy on-the-go dishes. Lunch on one of the nutrient-packed power bowls of whole grains and... Read More

This modern French eatery by innovative chef Paul Pairet offers an unpretentious and reasonably priced late night menu as well as set brunches. Read More

Inspired by the playful fox character in children's fables, this dining mecca takes a whimsical approach to its layout and decor. Read More

Try Cantonese classics such as tea-smoked chicken and barbecued pork belly in the sleek, harbor-facing dining room. Read More

Xiao long bao (Shanghainese soup dumplings) are the speciality. ($1) Read More

This Julu Road eatery is a favorite with expats and locals looking for a unique dining option. Nepali Kitchen serves food of the Himalayas inside its... Read More

Located on the second floor of the Intercontinental Hotel, this Japanese restaurant takes its namesake from chef Nobu Matsuhisa. ... Read More

With its burnished red tables, hanging lanterns, converted-cyclo chairs, and silk-clad waitresses, Nuage is a little slice of old Saigon in downtown... Read More

By no means a massive restaurant, a good portion of ingredients like kombucha and herbs are processed and grown on site at Nur where the food... Read More

Diners won't find any pots of wasabi or soy sauce here; the focus is on fine cuts of fish expertly selected to complement each other. Read More

A casual izakaya spin-off of acclaimed Beijing restaurant Okra 1949, in the nightlife district of Sai Ying Pun. Inside a 19th-century building, Japan... Read More

For a brief pit stop try Olala Charcuterie, where you can score a refreshing salad with extra-lean Serrano ham and an undercurrent of beets. Sturdier... Read More

Widely popular with locals, this venue occupies a cozy two-story home that make reservations essential. It's worth it if you want to try what's possible... Read More

China is a popular place for tea so it’s no surprise that teahouses abound across the country. After a flight of stairs to the second floor, this... Read More

This airy, hushed dining room, with its plush chairs and small pond fed by a tinkling waterfall, is the place to linger over lunch in Wan Chai. Accessed... Read More

The menu features Yellow River bamboo with ham; translucent gooey balls of summer yam with pork and scallions; and lu yu, a river fish with a sour,... Read More

The Hong Kong location of this northern-Italian restaurant is one of only five restaurants in the city boasting three Michelin stars. Intimate and... Read More

Atop the gaudy Sheraton hotel in Kowloon, the Oyster & Wine Bar sells 800 oysters a day, and imports them from all over the planet. On any given... Read More

Starbucks’s local competitor—founded by a Seattle expat—can also serve a great cup o’ joe a hundred different ways. For the... Read More

This leisurely coffee shop is Asia’s answer to Starbucks; sip tea, sit under slow-moving wooden fans and imagine the Repulse Bay beach scene 80... Read More

Korean and Mexican fusion may be all the rage in the U.S., but the concept only arrived in Beijing when Palms LA Kitchen opened. Now with two locations,... Read More

Here, the plump bird is presented in heated rosewood boxes in an intimate dining room. Read More

Nine lights at the end of a cement staircase make up the unmarked entrance to this trendy restaurant and bar. Once the mystery of entrance is solved, a... Read More

The 25th floor of the Mandarin Oriental offers a taste of contemporary French fare from well-known chef Pierre Gagnaire. Chef de cuisine Nicolas Boujema... Read More

Pirata is the popular tapas kitchen and bar helmed by Ling Huang, former chef at Willy Trullas’ upscale, modern Spanish restaurant Elefante. In the... Read More

If you must eat a meal before you get on the plane, choose carefully as the Beijing Airport’s options are middling at best. Prik Thai is the top... Read More

“Only natural” is the mission at this Causeway Bay spot that specializes in bread, coffee, and snacks. MSG, additives and colorings are... Read More

When counting in Chinese, “qi” means “seven,” and this intimate restaurant offers fare from seven provinces, including Sichuan.... Read More

Wheat buns toasted on a griddle and filled with braised pork are served from a take-out window at this popular restaurant. The restaurant is decorated... Read More

Qu Nar Restaurant (the name means "Where are you going?" in Mandarin) is well hidden down an alley off a main Beijing road: It looks like a bunker on... Read More

As the name implies, it’s all about the roast Peking duck at this Chongwen district restaurant. The Quan Ju De brand (government-affiliated) began... Read More

Graffiti art covers the walls of Ireland-born chef Brian McKenna's 2010-opened restaurant/lounge, which turns out whimsical, Chinese-inflected creations... Read More

The Roosevelt Wine Cellar boasts the largest wine reserve not only in Shanghai, but in the world. Some 4,000 bottles, to be exact, resting in state-of... Read More

One of Hong Kong’s biggest bakery chains built its reputation on its oval-shaped version of the egg tart, but its array of sweet and savory... Read More

The Waldorf Astoria presents an afternoon tea experience so opulent; it would make Marie Antoinette roll around in grave with jealousy. What sets it... Read More

Americans may not happily push their bowl of Lucky Charms aside for rice porridge, but in Hong Kong congee is the breakfast of champions. Known to some... Read More

This Sheung Wan grab-and-go restaurant serves up a varieties of the dish. Adventurous diners opt for authentic add-ins like fish belly or fish... Read More

Opened in 2013 in Jing’An district, SeeSaw is a popular Wi-Fi cafe for freelance creatives who need a strong Internet connection and even stronger... Read More

You can easily make a meal out of Shanghai’s fried dumplings. Little joints around the city typically whip up to two types of pan-fried pork dumplings... Read More

The menu here is worth the harrowing squeeze into the tiny dining room. There’s a duck leg in lemon soup that flakes right off the bone; there... Read More

Japanese architect Sakea Miura designed this bunker-like restaurant, which was once a movie theater for retired government officials. Guests enter down... Read More

Shouning Road is lined with street-side grills, men kneeling in alleys shucking oysters and throwing shells on alleyway middens, food carts selling... Read More

Fiery Sichuan food on a packed French Concession street. Read More

“Fine cuisine” is not usually the first thing that pops to mind when talking about the government. In this case though, the Sichuan... Read More

Long waits are par for the course at this tiny, open-air food stall. Especially popular among tourists from mainland China, the authentic Cantonese... Read More

The terrace bar at the Peninsula Hotel’s fine French restaurant, Sir Elly’s, is the classiest spot to enjoy al fresco drinks on the Bund. With full-on... Read More

While there are many choices for dim sum in Shanghai, Soahc makes its mark with Yangzhou-influenced cuisine. Visitors must cross a fish pond to... Read More

Nestled in the store space of G.O.D., Sohofama feels like a culinary extension of the local design shop. Inspired by traditional flavors of the past,... Read More

In Vietnamese, Song means "to live,” and this central district restaurant gives life to Indochinese and Vietnamese fare. The interior is casual... Read More

Run by a Parisian woman passionate about Chinese culture, this lovely teahouse invites visitors to explore the finest teas in a funky setting with chic... Read More

As many as 2,000 people a day pack the eight dining halls of Songhelou Restaurant. Read More

The menu at Source changes every two weeks, but it can be relied on for one thing: tongue-numbing Sichuan fare. Housed in the former home of a Qing... Read More

The South Beauty group manages over 40 restaurants across China, and the 881 outpost makes its home in two buildings: a 1930’s restored stone... Read More

“Upscale with a kick” is one way to describe this Dongzhimenwai neighborhood restaurant, which opened in 2003 and is one of many locations... Read More

Spice lovers, get your fix at this newcomer to the hip Dashilar area specializing in fiery Hunanese cuisine. Call ahead to book one of the nine tables... Read More

Owned by world-famous chef Alain Ducasse, this Michelin two-starred restaurant is located on the ground floor of the InterContinental Hotel, overlooking... Read More

Located on the first floor of the Peninsula Hong Kong hotel, this upscale Cantonese restaurant is designed to reflect the history of the Peninsula,... Read More

Wake up with coffee and green tea ice cream! Starbucks’s comfy booths and free Wi-Fi are welcome before a long flight. Buy a Starbucks-branded... Read More

Californian David Seminsky opened Sumerian a few years ago for fellow hardcore coffee lovers who share his passion for brewing the perfect cup. Don’t be... Read More

This traditional, understated omakase restaurant has long been heralded as the best sushi destination in Shanghai. Tucked away on the top floor of a... Read More

Though Susu is hard to locate the first time around, its creative take on delicious Saigon dishes and its serene courtyard seating space are well worth... Read More

Drawing such former guests as Jackie Chan, this Michelin two-starred restaurant serves gourmet Cantonese cuisine inside the Langham Hong Kong hotel.... Read More

Nestled in The Waterhouse at South Bund, this Shanghai favorite serves up quality European fare like smoked potato mash with whipped bone marrow and the... Read More

This gastropub set in The Waterhouse, a hip boutique hotel, is the creation of Jason Atherton, a London chef who first gained recognition working for... Read More

This Causeway Bay restaurant is one of the most storied in Hong Kong and is still run by the family who started it. While 1860 marked the beginning of... Read More

The Tap House is a popular draft beer bar that just opened a second location with an expansive terrace and handsome décor in Jing’an district. The bar’s... Read More

At this pint-sized restauarant chef-owner Que Vinh Dang, who has worked for Rocco DiSpirito and Geoffrey Zakarian, injects playful Americana into his... Read More

Reservations are essential here where a traditional 10-dish menu highlights classic regional ingredients (sea cucumber, abalone) in a 700-year-old... Read More

The stunning Temple Restaurant Beijing is helmed by Ignace Lecleir, who once managed the dearly departed Maison Boulud. Here, European cuisine is served... Read More

The Brew is the bar at The Kerry Hotel, a luxury business hotel in between the swanky suburbs and CBD of Pudong district. This modern, airy Australian... Read More

Be prepared to wait at peak hours for this innovative hot-spot serving tapas like sea urchin with pepper butter on ciabatta and oyster devils on... Read More

Near the Forbidden City, this restored siheyuan (multi-building structure surrounding a courtyard) is home to one of American lawyer Handel Lee’s... Read More

When money is no issue, this two-level restaurant perched atop the historic Bund building offers a VIP experience. Having hosted Tom Cruise and Halle... Read More

This extensive salad buffet is ideal for scoring healthy pre-flight nibbles. There’s plenty of self-seating for those with time to spare, while... Read More

Comfort food staples like macaroni and cheese are taken to the next level with the inclusion of fresh lobster meat, making for an irresistible and... Read More

Afternoon tea in the lobby of The Peninsula is several hours of a sugary, swanky indulgence. Picture yourself in the Art Deco splendor of immaculately... Read More

Order a trio of tacos, share one of many appetizers (like cheese dip with chorizo), and wash it all down with a cocktail or Rocky's High Life, Taco Bar... Read More

Some say the bay was named after the British navy’s repulsing of squatter pirates, while others claim a ship inspired the moniker. Whatever the... Read More

The story goes like this: three painters from Guizhou, a poor south central province, came to Beijing seeking to earn a fortune with their brushes. They... Read More

Set right on the eastern edge of the Forbidden City, this restaurant is appropriately imperial in theme. Once you’ve stepped through the grand... Read More

Even if you arrive well before the 10 a.m. opening, a line will already stretch out the door. Persevere: it leads to the city's lightest barbecued... Read More

The famous Longjing tea leaves from the Hangzhou region make the stir-fried freshwater shrimp taste sweet and earthy, but the star of the show is... Read More

This 24-hour grub spot is a minute's walk from Lan Kwai Fong, the nerve center of Hong Kong's nightlife. Needless to say, it's a favorite haunt among... Read More

Chef Paul Pairet's brainchild, this multi-sensory dining experience involves 20 avant-garde courses and must be booked well in advance. Read More

Echoing the young, fun vibe of Dr. Wine, UVA is the hip, date-worthy wine bar of the moment in Jing’An district. Managed by two Italian oenophiles, UVA... Read More

The tasting menu at this upscale dining space gets a complete makeover every three months, but the mighty sea—and the treasures it renders—remains the... Read More

Via Modern Slow Cook is a communal eating concept where guests are made to feel like they are dining at the home of a close friend who is a very... Read More

Cantonese dim sum, seafood, and Shanghai-style fare are served in the banquet-style dining room of this Wan Chai-area restaurant. Located on the second... Read More

This sleek Japanese bar and dining room lets patrons walk the runway that separates the restaurant and bar areas. Part of the Aqua restaurant group,... Read More

Finally, Hong Kong has a premier waterfront restaurant with a view of Victoria Harbour, complete with a 270-degree panorama of Kowloon Peninsula. Ask to... Read More

A number of restaurants offer views of West Lake, but this one stands out with its covered terrace and extensive menu featuring dishes from throughout... Read More

This high-design hot spot in a converted siheyuan (courtyard home) is the latest offering from chef Jereme Leung—already well known in Shanghai... Read More

The historic Union Building became “Three on the Bund” in 2004, and the fifth floor houses the 120-seat Whampoa Club. Located inside one of... Read More

There’s no need to settle for just one restaurant at this Kowloon food mall, part of the Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa. Across from the cruise ship... Read More

With its huge private terrace and its out-of-the-way location (it’s set down a quiet driveway of low-rise creative office buildings), Must is a favorite... Read More

Sichuan fare is known to start a party (or a fire, with the proper seasoning) in your mouth, so have a glass of water at the ready before digging in at... Read More

Whether you prefer to beat jet lag with caffeine or cocktails, this new corner spot on Queens Road West from a group of British expats, has your fix.... Read More

Beloved for their blended juices and innovative dishes this Bund-side, vegetarian restaurant, aims to create food and services that are healthy and don... Read More

This ground-floor restaurant in the Star Street district showcases owner Jacky Yu’s love for food and arts, not just with desserts like the... Read More

With a name that translates roughly to "the fillings are huge," look no further than Xian Lao Man for authentic northern-style, delicious dumplings. Read More

In 1918, Wing On was one of four Nanjing Road department stores that helped define Shanghai as the Paris of the Far East. Now it houses Xian Qiang Fang,... Read More

While in the big city, some feed the ducks, while others like to feed on the ducks. Those in the latter persuasion need look no further than this... Read More

Xiao Nan Guo is a reliable local chain, with 15 (and counting) branches scattered around the city. The restaurants are a favorite go-to for locals... Read More

Sometimes the best way to find a restaurant is look for the longest lines, and that’s the case for this street-side restaurant that specializes in... Read More

The park setting of Xin Dau Ji is enough reason to go alone. Set in a corner of French Concession’s lovely Xiangyang Park, the terrace is set next to a... Read More

The Uighur people bring their northwest Chinese flavors to this glass-fronted restaurant. Chinese Western Muslim music sets the rowdy atmosphere inside;... Read More

Nestled along the tree-lined streets of up-and-coming Wuyuan Road in the heart of the Former French Concession, the menu at Xixi offers a fusion of... Read More

The restaurant, overlooking the harbor, serves delightful sweet barbecued pork buns, steamed rice-flour cannelloni with diced scallop and crabmeat, and... Read More

You can’t get more authentic than the most beloved street food in the Pearl of the Orient, sheng jian bao. A bit plumper than golf balls, these pan... Read More

Japanese skewered chicken (or yakitori) is the specialty at this stylish eatery. While dinner for two may set you back around $150, the restaurant is... Read More

Part of the Elite Concepts group, this restaurant has sister locations in Hong Kong and Kowloon. Housed in a brick mansion in the Xintiandi district,... Read More

Ye Shanghai is a popular lunch spot for travelers who are sightseeing in the upscale shopping neighborhood of Xintiandi. Their weekend dim sum ($16... Read More

This Sichuan restaurant is well hidden on the sixth floor of a central district business building. It’s no secret though, since it received a... Read More

Have a romantic dinner at this delightful spot tucked into a 1914 heritage building. An advertising executive turned Slow Food diva, owner Margaret Xu... Read More

Despite the exclusive-sounding moniker, this French Concession restaurant is open to common and famous; Ralph Fiennes, Yao Ming, and Jackie Chan have... Read More

Yongkang Road (Yongkang Lu) never disappoints. Shanghai’s cheap and cheerful bar street offers a lot to beer lovers. Choose an imported bottle from Dean... Read More

Chinese artist Fang Lijun dips his brush into both the culinary and visual arts, and this Lotus Lane restaurant is an example of his work as a... Read More

Founder Kam Shui Fai’s reputation for roasted goose began at his humble street-side food stall before the onset of World War II. From that... Read More

This tiny eatery in Andingmen serves some of the most authentic, delicious Sichuan food in the city, but travelers should be prepared for cramped... Read More

The second outpost of London restaurateur Rainer Becker, this contemporary Japanese hot spot opened to huge fanfare in June 2007. Part of the hoopla... Read More

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