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We woke up this morning to find a can't-beat flight deal in our inbox: $342 round-trip flights from New York City to Hong Kong. Unlike most airfare... Read More

Having something stolen from your luggage can be a huge pain. For one passenger, it was a nearly $260,000 headache. A man traveling to Hong Kong earlier... Read More

Shanghai Disneyland is still six weeks away from opening, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of visitors from checking out the nearby Disney Town that... Read More

This story originally appeared on fortune.comIn the year 2015, Chinese businesses spent more on business travel than their American contemporaries,... Read More

As LGBT tourism continues to grow, travel-planning app and website Gogobot just announced its 2016 top destinations where the specialized sector is... Read More

If you're heading to or from Shanghai starting this month, you may get a Disney-sized surprise once you step foot in your airplane. To celebrate the... Read More

Next time you’re in Shanghai, skip the skyscraper selfie and head straight to the mall. The Printemps Department Store in the Pudong district just... Read More

This story originally appeared on a shop under the tangle of neon signs that line Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui commercial district, tailor Manu... Read More

This story originally appeared on time.comThe Chinese government pasted posters warning against falling in love with foreign strangers and... Read More

Chicagoans can now book a round-trip ticket to Shanghai for only $525: that’s less than the average one-way fare, and it includes all additional taxes.... Read More

If you thought a weekend getaway with your dad was enough of a bonding experience, try to put yourself in the shoes rollerblades of the father... Read More

One woman has taken her string of bad luck and turned it into an adventure. In one month, Megan Sullivan got hit by a car, was diagnosed with skin... Read More

Taiwan’s long, ongoing dispute with China has hit the front pages—of each country’s passports.In most countries, it’s illegal to modify your passport in... Read More

When there’s a national holiday in China, you can pretty much count on everyone in the country to take to the streets in celebration. Making for some of... Read More

Andrej Ciesielski is back at it again. The 19-year-old German was banned from Egypt for life earlier this year after illegally scaling the 4,500-year... Read More

Seeing that golden peony atop the Enchanted Storybook Castle when Shanghai Disneyland Park takes in its first guests is going to be harder than the... Read More

Turns out there are quite a few options for brave travelers visiting the mountainous regions of China. Last year, a 900-foot-long glass bridge opened in... Read More

Simultaneously 21st century and ancient, Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most bustling, frenetic cities—though its not without its tranquil temples and... Read More

Located in China’s moneyed gambling hot spot, Macau, The 13 is poised to become the world’s most expensive hotel, having cost its investors some $1.4... Read More

Between the sky-high rents of Hong Kong and the looming threat of government censorship in Shanghai and Beijing, none of China's world-class art... Read More

One of the most interesting, if unanticipated, side effects of modern copyright law is the practice by which cartographic companies will introduce a... Read More

With more than 24 million people and a skyline torn straight off the cover of a futuristic novel, Shanghai is arguably China’s most dynamic city... Read More

You can very literally travel around the world without stepping a foot outside of China, thanks to the country's "One City, Nine Towns" initiative.... Read More

Visitors to China frequently admire the country’s love for unusual buildings. There’s the sky-high diamond-shaped Famen Temple near Xi’an, Beijing’s... Read More

There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Beijing (think: guangchang wu dancing in public squares and grabbing drinks at the highest bar in the city,... Read More

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