Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide

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There's so much more to Cabo San Lucas travel than lying on the beach with a margarita in hand. The excellent climate and endless water-based activities are just the beginning for this Baja paradise. In Cabo, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes meet at the spot known as Land's End, where the rocky outcroppings form the backdrop to one of Mexico's most splendid natural wonders: El Arco. This rock arch leaping out to sea provides a dramatic welcome for those who visit Cabo San Lucas.

Things Not to Miss in Cabo San Lucas

Traveling to Cabo San Lucas means experiencing one of Baja's most indulgent areas, where pristine beaches, luxury resorts and fine dining will bring the most exhausted travelers back to life with a dose of adrenaline. Some highlights from our Cabo San Lucas travel guide include:

• Aquatic activities like fishing, snorkeling and surfing
• Whale watching tours
• Golfing
• Feasting on the best of Baja's bounty

When to Go to Cabo San Lucas

From late November to mid-May, conditions are ideal to visit Cabo San Lucas, with sunny days with temperatures around the 80s and cooler nights. Things heat up in the summer, when temperatures reach the high 90s. Some visitors prefer to avoid Cabo during March and April, when tipsy spring breakers descend upon town. Fishing tournaments are held between June and November, but before you pack your rod and reel, keep in mind that it's also hurricane season, so plan accordingly.

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