Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Martin Morrell

Thanks to his regular appearances on TV and radio, Aldo Graziani is the closest thing Argentina has to a celebrity sommelier. At his glamorous... Read More

An unmarked doorway in Villa Crespo conceals Almacén Secreto, the private kingdom of chef Abigail Machicado, who prepares dishes from Argentina's... Read More

This bistro, the more casual sibling to renowned chef Gonzalo Aramburu’s celebrated Aramburu, sits on the cusp of the edgy Constitución barrio. Have... Read More

I once asked Gonzalo Aramburu what he would serve Nelson Mandela for supper and he replied, “Sweetbreads, cooked two ways.” That sounded pretty brave... Read More

In Lunfardo, the old patois of Buenos Aires, “manduque” means “nosh.” But don’t expect to stuff your face at Antonio Soriano’s latest venture, even if... Read More

Located in the Palermo Viejo district, Azema Exotic Bistro serves an innovative fusion of Creole, Caribbean, Vietnamese, and French cuisines. The... Read More

If you like your decor Brooklynite and your cappuccinos topped with a heart- or rabbit- or Hello Kitty-shaped swirl (or whatever; latte art is a... Read More

Of the dozens of fine steak houses that line the picturesque docks of Puerto Madero, Las Lilas is arguably the best (and certainly the most famous:... Read More

This trendy place in Villa Crespo (something of a destination neighborhood for brunch-philes, it seems) has a contemporary look and a classic menu.... Read More

The spare, sleek building, designed by three young Argentine architects, holds this airy, glass-walled café—open at night Thursdays through... Read More

A traditional and emblematic café that's attracted the literati since its 1858 opening, Tortoni still offers visitors a glimpse of the past. Read More

The sommelier-owners pair mineral-rich Chardonnays and dense Argentinean Malbecs with local dishes such as skirt steak with quinoa and portobello... Read More

Popular with the A-list set, Casa Cruz is an upscale Argentinean restaurant known for its clubby atmosphere, lively bar scene, and contemporary cuisine.... Read More

The Scene: In steak-mad B.A., a fish- and veggie-focused supper club is a welcome dining option—even better that it’s in the cozy Chacarita... Read More

Lunch date? Try this bright-white bistro with big windows overlooking Avenida Caseros, whose bow-windowed apartment buildings are among the city’s most... Read More

Connoisseurs of revolving doors will find it hard to walk past this classic lobby bar. Half-orbit your way in, admire the gleaming marble surfaces,... Read More

For authentic, cheap, and cheerful Peruvian fare look to Chan Chan. Abundant fresh ceviche and enormous rice dishes, all made for sharing, have kept... Read More

When a chill wind blows into Buenos Aires from the Patagonian south, I find myself missing fish and chips, the greasy Saturday night fix of my British... Read More

Choripán, the humble sausage sandwich, is an Argentinean staple, but Chori is the first to come up with a gourmet version. Not only are the chorizos in... Read More

Set on the 12th floor of a building that also houses the Danish embassy, this unpretentious restaurant serves smørrebrød, frikadeller, pickled herring... Read More

Since the restaurant’s revamp in 2009, politicos have returned for the modern takes on classic Porteño fare—mushroom-stuffed squid... Read More

Founded in 1852 by the liberal wing of the Argentine political elite, this European-style club was a hotbed of progressive ideas up until the mid 20th... Read More

Located in the center of the Palermo Soho shopping district, this casually chic restaurant serves French-Mediterranean fusion fare along with... Read More

A stunning work of industrial design, San Telmo’s covered market has been enticing shoppers to its stalls laden with fruit, veg, meat, and knickknacks... Read More

If you only visit this stylish “homey-industrial” spot in Villa Crespo to try the lemonade, which tastes like it’s been cut with homemade ginger beer,... Read More

Who knows why, but sending some raw oysters down the hatch with a squeeze of lemon and a splash of Tabasco is about the most fun a couple can have in a... Read More

Located in the Recoleta neighborhood, Cumaná serves both Argentine dishes and non-traditional fare like wood-fired pizzas. Lanterns and shelves... Read More

This popular Barrio Norte joint serves empanadas and other traditional dishes in a chaotic, verging on claustrophobic, space. (To be fair, the pack-’em... Read More

New Argentine Cuisine is hard to define, but you’ll know it when you see it. At Dante Liporace’s Tarquino, you’ll see a lot of it. One dish I’ll never... Read More

One of the joys of dining in Buenos Aires is that virtually any restaurant with a grill can crank out the best beef you’ve ever tasted. This no... Read More

You can get, and then regret, a hot dog at almost any kiosko in Buenos Aires – just look out for signs saying pancho or superpancho. Garden-variety... Read More

There’s no menu—you just sit down and they bring you food, like ensalada de pulpo. If you see something going by that you like, you just ask... Read More

In a neighborhood better known for nouvelle cuisine treatments of Argentine food, Pablo Rivero and his parents built Don Julio into a mainstay by... Read More

There are all kinds of ways to screw up a steakhouse, and Don Julio’s owner Pablo has discovered none of them. Chewy morcilla (blood sausage), spicy... Read More

“We don’t sell beer, wine, speed”—this almost certainly means a local brand of energy drink— “or sodas…” declares the Twitter homepage of this groovy... Read More

Pasta is everywhere in this city. You can walk into a random place, order fusilli tossed in filetto and expect to get exactly that. But for top-shelf... Read More

This bustling lunchtime favorite among Porteños, who have been crowding the two level space since it first opened in another location in the... Read More

How do Argentines love dulce de leche? Let us count the ways. There’s Torta Rogel, a multilayered bomb armed with meringue and puff pastry. There’s... Read More

Compare Malbecs from Argentina’s different regions around this tall ... Read More

Every Buenos Aires bucket list should include a wine and cheese tasting session at the Park Hyatt-Palacio Duhau hotel. In the snug and stylish Vinoteca,... Read More

By sourcing products from small producers around Argentina, Fernando Rivarola, the chef-owner of El Baqueano (the name translates to “the gatherer”),... Read More

Grab a single slice of gooey pie at El Cuartito's standing-room-only bar or go bring a group to tackle an entire pie—this old-school brick-oven pizzeria... Read More

The lights are bright and fluorescent, the walls plastered with sports and movie poster, but the ovens here have been baking up thick, delicious pizzas... Read More

With its nod to Poe’s spine-tingler, fine ash and oak cabinets lined with jars of exotic spices and wizened 105-year-old shopkeep (that last is a lie,... Read More

A classic, consistent, tried and true parrilla that ranks among the city’s best. The simple, straightforward menu that lacks the flash and fluff... Read More

El Obrero, which translates to the worker, is a porteño classic thanks to its abundant steak and Spanish and Italian dishes, friendly service, and... Read More

Owner Luis Acuna founded El Pobre Luis back in 1986, and the unassuming Núñez parrilla has become one of the city’s most legendary.... Read More

The simple but elusive art of good meat cooked just right lost a champion last August, upon the death of Luis Acuña, owner and grill-master of this... Read More

Literary icon Jorge Luis Borges grew up on the same block as this pink-hued bar and store, which was one of his haunts. El Preferido is an old-school... Read More

In a neighborhood that seems to reinvent itself at least once a week, this century-old Italian-style building houses a 60-year-old general store-turned... Read More

Tucked away in Recoleta, this rustic nook with red leatherette booths is home to the town’s best empanadas. Flash-baked to order, the pastries... Read More

Picture a restaurant that is chic and intimate. Now picture the exact opposite, and you have El Trapiche in mind. Not that the big groups of friends,... Read More

In otherwise trendy Palermo Hollywood, this brightly lit parrilla is a no-frills affair. But the perfectly prepared bife de lomo (beef tenderloin) and... Read More

Dine on entrecôte and sip Malbec while dancers perform moves such as boleos and gaunchos at Esquina Carlos Gardel, the city's top dinner club... Read More

Ditching the shabby-chic, what-we-found-in-granny’s-attic look all too common in BA cafés for a light-drenched, minimalist aesthetic, Farinelli is a gem... Read More

At El Baqueano in San Telmo, Rivarola has created a menu that includes lots of things you don’t expect to find anywhere—carpaccio of llama, caiman... Read More

The interiors here are taberna-meets-brasserie, and while the Porteño grilled-beef classics are exemplary, well-heeled Recoleta regulars come for... Read More

The oak-fueled ovens at Filo churn out wispy, chewy marvels in a nineties-kitsch space steps from Calle Florida. Long-haired diners nibble on elegant... Read More

French restaurants in Buenos Aires tend to get it wrong, being either too fusty or too Left Bank pastiche. Intimate and sophisticated without trying too... Read More

Chef-owner María Luisa D’Aloiso has made this cupcake-sized venue a destination patisserie for sweet-toothed porteños. Sticky chocolate cakes,... Read More

This award-winning joint in Retiro is backed by a dream team, which includes both legendary barman “Tato” Giovannoni and Julián Díaz, owner of 878 ... Read More

Stuck in a late-Modernist time warp amid the Microcentro bustle, this 60’s café is for certain media and politico types an office, living... Read More

One part Oscar Wilde, one part Charlie Trotter and one part unique; Mallmann is probably Argentina’s best-known living chef. At Patagonia Sur, the... Read More

Colombian-Irish couple Victoria Angarita and Alan Jordan set up Full City in 2011. Since then, it has switched neighborhoods (from Chacarita to the more... Read More

Founded in 1858, the Tortoni is an urban gem that continues to sparkle. It is easier to list the literary and political luminaries from Argentina’s late... Read More

Service is fast and furious at this casual Asian/Latin American restaurant. Led by an Anglo-Argentine couple that previously worked with local celebrity... Read More

Since its opening in 1866, the storied French Club has drawn generations of politicians and writers. While the city’s intelligentsia still... Read More

Two Colombian siblings opened this restaurant in San Carlos de Bariloche, and later decided to move the business to Buenos Aires. Here, chef Santiago... Read More

You’ll get brownie points just for knowing about this place, a word-of-mouth success with a supper club vibe. Colombian chef Santiago Macias’s seven... Read More

Not more than a kick of a fútbol from the Boca Juniors stadium, and as brightly colored as a Caminito house, Il Mattarello is the gritty barrio... Read More

Love oozes out of the pressed sandwiches and the chocolate mousse tartlets topped off with sea salt at La Alacena. Every bite is totally delicious at... Read More

Ground zero for people-watching in Buenos Aires is the terrace at this Parisian-style café and bar. Here, shaded by one of the city’s grandest rubber... Read More

Chef Jean Paul Bondoux hails from the Bourgogne region of France; in 1993, he opened this restaurant that specializes in cuisine from his homeland, at... Read More

Of all the steak houses in this carnivorous city, La Brigada may have the most loyal following: members of the national soccer team are regulars. Have... Read More

Soccer and steak define this San Telmo classic, owned and (meticulously) overseen by legendary grill-master Hugo Echevarrieta. The walls festooned with... Read More

Located in the affluent Puerto Madero neighborhood and within walking distance of a handful of high-end hotel chains, this steakhouse serves the usual... Read More

Located in the trendy Palermo Soho district, this restaurant serves super-sized portions of Argentine steak to an often-packed house. Beef is served on... Read More

Reserve a table or line up for an hour at this insanely popular parrilla, voted Latin America’s 17th best restaurant at the 2014 S. Pellegrino awards.... Read More

There’s a new breed of design-focused parrillas (steak houses) in Buenos Aires, and the hottest is La Carnicería, which has wowed diners with its... Read More

Argentines take their empanadas (meat- and vegetable-filled pastries) seriously, and many claim that the tiny, 30-year-old La Cocina has the best around... Read More

There are tummy rumblings and food cravings, and then there is that feeling that only a hot pastrami sandwich can save the day. This little gem in Villa... Read More

This tall, airy storefront in Palermo Viejo is presided over by the colorful Cecilia Hermann, who could have stepped out of a magical-realist novel.... Read More

No one would argue that this noisy but attractive steakhouse is among the best of its kind, though the steaks are toothsome enough and the prices... Read More

Once upon a time, this strip- and neon-lit café was where your wannabe existentialist could smoke her way through a pack of Gauloises while dreaming of... Read More

Don’t expect the same tasty pies from this porteño pizzeria’s Ezeiza location. The Italian menu here is basic, with classic... Read More

Tucked behind the Four Seasons hotel is La Mansion, an 88-year-old Belle Époque mansion built by Felix Alzaga Unzué as a wedding gift for... Read More

La Mar turns out impeccable Peruvian-inspired seafood designed for sharing. Opened in March 2015, it’s become a firm local favorite; book two weeks... Read More

Panadería means bakery. Pablo is Pablo Massey, one of Argentina’s star chefs. This is his bakery. Except it isn’t really a bakery, though the sandwiches... Read More

Hands down the best option for a sit-down dinner, La Pausa serves excellent Argentine cuisine like grilled bife de chorizo (sirloin strip) or four... Read More

Chef Alejandro Digilio plays with foams and candied lacquering in his pint-size space. Read More

The coffee experts at LAB started out roasting beans for other establishments before opening up their own shop. Aside from their wonderful house blends ... Read More

The 1998 shuttering of this 124-year-old café caused such an uproar that within six weeks the city legislature gave it historic protection to... Read More

This art nouveau landmark opened in 1884, the year Oscar Wilde got hitched. It isn’t hard to picture the great Irishman in here, admiring the stained... Read More

 “Caution: Our coffee is extremely addictive” reads the chalkboard outside. It’s nice to be warned, even if it comes far too late for most of us.... Read More

With his skewed baseball cap, inked limbs, and skater drawl, Cristóbal looks and sounds like a 40-year-old Justin Bieber. At Café San Juan, he even has... Read More

In the ever-evolving Palermo Viejo, glamorous restaurants come and go within a week, but this spacious destination, housed in a converted manor, has... Read More

Celine is from Lille, her lovely house in San Telmo is from 1807, and the menu in her restaurant is from your favorite old cookbook. There’s comforting... Read More

French bakers Bruno and Olivier are rightly proud of their wood-fired stone oven, which dates from 1911. Out of its fiery maw come slim baguettes,... Read More

If Sunday brunch in Buenos Aires has a spiritual home, it’s the winter garden at the Alvear Palace Hotel. Once your white-gloved waiter has seated you... Read More

This insanely popular joint in Villa Crespo is so multi-talented we could have listed it under any number of categories, including best brunch spot,... Read More

Argentina’s McDonald’s have long featured what America’s Golden Arches are just beginning to add: an attached Starbucks-style coffee... Read More

Don’t judge yet. This American chain is a different creature in Argentina, having added waiter service and a rather refined atmosphere to its... Read More

Open since the last millennium, Milíon appears immortal and it’s easy to see why. Simply put, this is one of the world’s most beautiful bars, sprawling... Read More

Once a tailor shop, then a deli with a bar, this ur-bodegón is famous for its collection of old vermouth bottles, grilled sardines, and a wine... Read More

You don’t have to be part of a big group of thirtysomething female professionals to enjoy brunch in this handsome café, but it will place you in the... Read More

This bright, colorful Spanish chain serves up some of the airport’s healthiest fast food. The fresh-squeezed juices, vegetarian sandwiches (think... Read More

NOLA is known for serving the city's best southern fried chicken, as well as its superb craft beers on tap. At Buenos Aires’ first legit gastropub,... Read More

Owners Hubert and Pamela O'Farrell (he's the chef, she does the pastries) preside over the open kitchen in this mellow-but-posh restaurant in a wealthy... Read More

Olsen transports diners from Palermo Viejo to Scandinavia with its seafood-heavy menu and impressive selection of more than 60 vodkas. Dishes like blini... Read More

Calling itself a cross between a general store, restaurant, wine cellar and rotisserie, this… whatever-it-is occupies a quiet street corner in Núñez.... Read More

This perma-hip French coffee shop serves one of the best cafés con leche in town—rich, creamy and begging to have a croissant or pain au chocolat dunked... Read More

A refreshing alternative to the city’s ubiquitous steakhouses, Oviedo is a Spanish-inspired seafood restaurant in the Recoleta neighborhood.... Read More

With its polished brass light fixtures, starched white tablecloths, leather banquettes and taciturn waiters, Oviedo feels like the kind of place where... Read More

Palermo’s new hidden gem, helmed by a pair of young chefs whose résumés include stints at such avant-garde temples as Fat Duck and... Read More

This knockout, family-run parrilla run by a butcher is now a Palermo classic, thanks to its perfectly seared prime cuts sourced from grass-fed cattle,... Read More

Tired of rustic chic and overpriced sausages? Then head for this unpretentious downtown steakhouse, which looks like it was designed and decorated... Read More

Bringing the gaucho tradition to La Boca, famed pampa chef Francis Mallman set up his grill at this renovated Italianate town house not far from the... Read More

Once you get past the disappointment that it’s not a branch of Thomas Keller’s culinary empire, you’ll find plenty to enjoy at this glamorous new... Read More

If you don’t mind a politically charged meal, come to Peron Peron—a culinary tribute to former Argentine president Juan and his wife Eva. Memorabilia... Read More

This is a sentimental (and smart) choice. In town for my wedding in 2003 and staying at the Hotel Castelar across the avenue, my parents ate in this... Read More

The dickie-bowed waiters win the plaudits here—and they are very good—but I’ve always wanted to track down whoever buffs the L-shaped mahogany art deco... Read More

Not wishing to sound like a press release but this sleek and handsome venue really did shake up the 5-star bar scene when it opened in 2012 at the Four... Read More

This is where holiday budgets go to die—so stretch out on a red lounger beneath a red parasol (“red, the color of love,” says Philippe Starck, who... Read More

There is no sign at Proper, just a wooden bench and crates of soda bottles in the doorway of the former mechanic’s workshop. Led by a young and dynamic... Read More

A new project from Martín Rebaudino, Oviedo's culinary maestro for 18 years, Roux's market-to-table concept ensures flavors are fresh while the look is... Read More

More an ice-cream parlor than a restaurant, but if you can’t bend the rules for ice-cream, what can you bend the rules for? Founded in 1938, Scannapieco... Read More

Cocina criolla—northern Argentinean flavor—rules at this no-frills, dirt-cheap cult favorite across from the Parque Las Heras. The carne... Read More

This cocktail haunt places you on the 13th floor of the Hotel Pulitzer, up close and personal with the downtown skyline (mostly putty-colored towers... Read More

Although opened in 2001, Social La Lechuza oozes the atmosphere of the best old-school neighborhood parrillas (steak joints). Opened by Pedro Marafuschi... Read More

Owned by chef Federico Simoes, this Palermo Soho restaurant serves Mediterranean-Argentinean cuisine in a small, understated dining room. The often... Read More

If one dish exemplifies New Argentine Cuisine’s approach to tradition, it’s Soledad Nardelli’s souffle de dulce de leche: the sweet brown gloop that... Read More

Summer nights in Buenos Aires have a sultry, narcotic quality even before you start knocking back the beers. If you can’t make it to the beach in... Read More

An esplanade over the Río de la Plata makes this Italian restaurant one of the city's top dining experiences. Mushroom risotto and creamy gnocchi... Read More

This sleek, warehouse like trendsetter, now an outpost for socialites, media types, and business tycoons, has helped launch a Belgrano restaurant revol... Read More

Sunae is one of a handful of Southeast Asian restaurants in town. American-born, Asia-raised Christina Sunae opened her first establishment, a closed... Read More

Germán Martitegui is one of Argentina’s leading chefs and restaurateurs, and this award-winning joint is his flagship. Designed by Horacio Gallo, the... Read More

With their self styled Porteña gourmet, sisters Ada and Ebe Concaro's have been expanding the definition of Argentinean cuisine since opening in... Read More

This hip new bar in Palermo Viejo is one of several dotted around town with a quasi-speakeasy vibe. Get past the “café” (it’s best to reserve ahead,... Read More

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