Things to Do in Brittany

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The island is monopolized by normal, regular French people of average means in the normal, regular business of being on holiday: riding bikes,... Read More

Five miles northwest of Quimper, a first-generation cider maker produces top-notch brews and distilled lambigs. Read More

To the modern visitor, the island offers a small but exquisite menu of simple pleasures: walking, cycling, birding, glancing over garden walls to dote... Read More

Pick up provisions from this esteemed shop and picnic on the St.-Malo seawall. Read More

Among today's tourists, the most popular souvenir is a half-dozen cans of prized millimisée sardines (they're dated, like wine) from this La... Read More

This homey boutique makes stylish furnishings and tote bags out of recycled sailcloth. Read More

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