Brazil Travel Guide

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Brazil is South America’s largest nation and, with five FIFA World Cup championships under their belt, home to the most decorated national soccer team in the world. It’s a country so large and varied that it defies easy generalizations. Travel to Brazil, and you’ll find jungles, forests, beaches, mountains, rivers, and two of the world’s largest and busiest cities: São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Visit Brazil to discover some of the world’s most scenic landscapes.

Brazilians speak Portuguese, with differences in pronunciation and usage from the language spoken in Portugal. In larger urban locations, it’s common to find people who speak English. The Brazilian tourist industry is largely based around the country’s natural beauty spots, including spectacular waterfalls, beaches, rivers, lakes, and mountains. The country is also famous for its carnivals and fiestas, with religious occasions throughout the year that occupy cities for days. Explore our Brazil travel guide to help you get started on planning your vacation.

Things Not to Miss in Brazil

• Sun worshippers will want to wake up early and make their way down to the beautiful, clean Ipanema Beach in Rio. Divided into sections known as postos, stretches of sand attract crowds of all different walks, both locals and travelers.
 • Spend your day sipping on ice-cold beers and playing (or watching) some intense sports matches.
 • Interested in seeing one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems? Then, of course, you’ll want to check out the Amazon rainforest. Guided boat tours are the best way to experience the nearly four million plant and animal species.

When to Go to Brazil

Some say that the best time to visit Brazil is during Carnaval, the annual festive that’s held over the week leading up to Ash Wednesday. Parades through city streets, singing, and beautiful costumes are all a part of the scenes. While fun to experience, prices and crowds can escalate during this high season. But no matter when you go, the weather will typically be hot and humid with some rainfall.

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