Botswana Travel Guide

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If you want to experience a living example of any oasis, it’s Botswana. More than a third of the landlocked, southern African nation—bordering South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe—is comprised of national parks and reserves. The most famous is the Okavango Delta, an inland flood plain of islands, waterways, palm trees and wildlife. But travel to Botswana usually also includes visits to the Kalahari Desert or Chobe National Park. Indeed, safaris are the heart of the Botswana travel industry. The country also has a rich diamond industry—and is known for its welcoming but proper-mannered locals. You may encounter one of the two different tribal communities when you visit Botswana. The Tswana, who live in the eastern regions, and the Bayei, or River Bushmen, who live in the north and central zones, and are famous for their dug-out, mokoro canoes. Read this Botswana travel guide to help plan your trip.

Things Not to Miss in Botswana

• Exploring the Okavango Delta
 • Visiting the Khama Rhino Sanctuary
 • Flying over the Kalahari Desert
 • See the elephants at Chobe National Park or Mashatu Game Reserve

When to Go to Botswana

Autumn and winter— from April through September—are the prime times for taking safaris in Botswana. While nights get pretty chilly, days are warm. If you want the lowest prices, visit Botswana during the spring (September to December)—but be ready for temps that can reach the 90s.

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