Tips and Articles for Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bridges aren’t usually the first thing you think of when choosing where to go on vacation, but these often-overlooked passageways can be architectural... Read More

It's hard to believe, what with Croatia's status as a destination du jour (see: beachgoers, yacht-week revelers, "Game of Thrones" superfans) that... Read More

If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?For the last 450 years, Mostar, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has been home to the Old... Read More

Biking enthusiasts looking to explore cities in the nations of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina can now do so on the Ciro trail.Stretching some ... Read More

I am strolling along the spiffed-up Ferhadija promenade in the Baščaršija district, Sarajevo’s Old Town, amid the enduring hum of life. The... Read More

In the midst of last winter’s revolts across the Middle East and North Africa, I kept getting e-mails and text messages from friends and colleagues in... Read More

It's hard to imagine a city greener than sarajevo. A series of hills rises above the narrow river valley, pressing close to the town center–it is not... Read More

On the afternoon of December 31, 1992, I stepped out of a United Nations armored personnel carrier into the thin, pale light of a bitter winter day in... Read More

Except for the Taliban's demolition of the colossal Buddhas in Afghanistan's Bamian Valley, it is widely agreed that there has been no recent act of... Read More

The TripCulinary excursion in Croatia and SarajevoHighlightsLearn to cook polenta-and-cheese with a native family in Lukomir, the highest village in... Read More

When the fog that clings to the hills around Sarajevo finally lifts one warm spring day, scarcely a table is to be had at the long line of cafés that... Read More

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