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Kirk Lee Aeder/Hawaii Tourism Authority

Back in 1866, a young reporter for the Sacramento Union newspaper spent four months exploring “the Sandwich Islands,” which we now know as Hawaii. They... Read More

It turns out you can have it all, and at one time — at least when you spend time at one of the best islands in Hawaii. Visitors can hike up volcanoes... Read More

With summer drawing near, almost everyone is envisioning the warm sun hitting their face and the sand beneath their toes. And while your local beach may... Read More

The long-awaited flights between California and the Hawaiian Islands on Southwest Airlines were well received upon release in March. Lower fares — some... Read More

Viola Davis had the ultimate aerial view of Hawaii during a recent vacation to the Aloha state.The Oscar winner and How to Get Away With Murder actress,... Read More

My daughter, Agnes, has reached an age — 4 — where she asks questions like “Why did the dinosaurs die?” and “Where does hot lava come from?” So after... Read More

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Airbnb shared the properties that users have added to their wish lists most often over the past decade. And... Read More

A new landmass has formed off the coast of Hawaii’s Big Island from the molten lava of the Kilauea Volcano eruption.The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)... Read More

After two weeks of eruptions, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano became more dangerous over the weekend.Lava from the volcanic eruption oozed out to the... Read More

The Kilauea volcano eruption, on the Big Island of Hawaii, sent a plume of smoke into the air and lava down to the surrounding area below. So far,... Read More

A day after the Kilauea volcano erupted on Hawaii’s Big Island, the state experienced its strongest earthquake in 43 years. Hundreds of people have been... Read More

After days of anticipation, a crack in Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano rift zone erupted on Thursday afternoon, forcing emergency evacuations.About 1,700... Read More

After hundreds of small earthquakes, scientists and residents are preparing for an eruption on Hawaii’s Big Island.The U.S. Geological Survey has issued... Read More

Officially named Hawaii, but referred to by most as the Big Island, this is the largest island in the Central Pacific archipelago known as Hawaii. Here,... Read More

Here’s a hot vacation deal for you. Literally.If you feel like you’ve been playing it too cool and comfortable all your life with your stable ground... Read More

When you're traveling with family, not any destination will do.While a quiet seaside resort could be the perfect getaway for two, it could prove too... Read More

Hurricane Madeline is poised to pass “dangerously close” to the Big Island of Hawaii on Wednesday, according to an alert from the Central Pacific... Read More

See our slideshow of the World’s Most Spectacular Waterfalls.“Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls,” sang the ladies of TLC in their huge ‘90s hit. But travelers... Read More

Top 10 Hotels Overall: City1. The Peninsula, Hong Kong 98.782. Wentworth Mansion, Charleston, South Carolina 98.673. The Peninsula, Bangkok 98.314. Four... Read More

Top 10 Hotels Overall: City1. Park Hyatt, Milan 98.952. Stafford London by Kempinski 98.403. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, Budapest 98.074.... Read More

North AmericaIconic HikesOur top picks for tackling some of the most scenic U.S. landscapes.Yosemite National Park, California: On the Yosemite Walking ... Read More

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Catalina Island, CaliforniaAt the new, laid-back Avalon Grille, accordion windows frame a panoramic view of the water and, in the distance, the... Read More

The TripThe Big Island of Hawaii is a little bit country and a whole lot of lava rock and roll—especially whenever Kilauea is pouring hot magma into the... Read More

Looking Back on BodrumPeter Jon Lindberg’s “Touring Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula” was most interesting to me, but the glamorous beach resort he describes... Read More

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