Things to Do in Berlin

Micha Richter

The international insider’s magazine par excellence has opened a compelling shop with a collection of “new, forgotten, anonymous,... Read More

This bar’s name is a reference to the 40-second elevator ride that clubgoers must take to reach its 8th floor location. Once the elevator doors... Read More

One of Berlin’s most important art museums, the Alte Nationalgalerie, or Old National Gallery, is one of five museums located on the city’s... Read More

The Academy’s villa is located in the near-distant suburb of Wannsee, across the lake from the House of the Wannsee Conference, where the Final... Read More

This bar boat moored by the Turkish market, is afloat with hipsters, punk rockers, and the occasional aging French tourist couple who have steered way... Read More

Located on Kohlfurter Strasse, the Barbara Weiss Gallery was established in 1992 and showcases the pieces of German and international artists. The... Read More

Walter Gropius’s 1919 Bauhaus Manifesto championed the synergy of art and craftsmanship in design—and the sleek, beautifully made... Read More

A biennial festival celebrating contemporary art, the Berlin Biennale was established in 1996 under the guidance of Klaus Biesenbach, the founding... Read More

Europe's largest rail station also doubles as a shopping mall. Whatever you crave - organic Chinese food, a Swarovski pendant necklace, Dr. Hauschka... Read More

Ranked one of the best orchestras in the world, the Berlin Philharmonic calls the Philharmonie home. Celebrated for its acoustics and architecture, the... Read More

Berlinomat sells mostly Berlin-sourced stuff: books, clothes, a cookie cutter shaped like the Fernsehturm (Berlin’s famous TV tower). Read More

Bite Club, an evening street-food party, combines all that's hot about Brooklyn-style food fairs. Founded by expats Tommy Tannock and Miranda Zahediah,... Read More

One of the five museums on Berlin’s Museum Island, the Bode Museum opened in 1904. The museum is renowned for its Museum of Byzantine Art, as well... Read More

Polish-born advertising entrepreneur Christian Boros and his wife, Karen, began collecting the work of international artists in the 1990's and their... Read More

C/O Berlin is a top international photography museum, with exhibitions from the likes of like Annie Leibovitz, Nan Goldin, Martin Parr and Peter... Read More

This eponymous gallery of one of the New Leipzig School’s founders shows the work of emerging artists. Read More

Don't miss Mitte's high-end art space with three stories of huge rooms and high ceilings and space for oversize sculptures and canvases by the likes of... Read More

Notorious Berlin club entrepreneur Heinz “Cookie” Gindullis has been a household word for Berlin’s revelers since he opened the first... Read More

Facing the lovely Gendarmenmarkt square, this vast, pillared space created by Berlin architects Pierre Jorge Gonzalez and Judith Haase is Berlin’s... Read More

Located in Friedrichstraße 71, Departmentstore Quartier 206 was founded by Anne Maria Jagdfeld in 1997 and has become one of Berlin’s... Read More

The German History Museum is the country's official national history museum. Originally founded by the former Federal Republic of Germany in 1987,... Read More

One of only a handful of standing sections of the Berlin Wall, the East Side Gallery is by far the longest and certainly the most interesting. Winding... Read More

A must-see for any Potsdam itinerary, visit Erich Mendelsohn's 1921 masterpiece. Read More

Tables are cleared at 11 p.m. to make room for an epic dance floor between two-story-tall lighted pillars. Read More

Located on a 250-acre space in Marzahn, an eastern suburb of Berlin, the Gardens of the World might be off the beaten path, but it's certainly worth the... Read More

Located in Tiergarten, the Gemäldegalerie is one of the most highly regarded museums in Germany. The museum’s collection, founded in 1830,... Read More

Founded in 1987, the German Historical Museum is located in two buildings. The first, the historic Zeughaus, was built between 1695 and 1730 and houses... Read More

The Gleis 17 Memorial was constructed to commemorate the deportation of Jews via the German railway system during the Nazi regime. The site of the... Read More

Founded by Heinz Gindullis, the man behind popular Berlin nightclub, Cookies, Greenwich is an upscale bar for Berliners and tourists in-the-know. The... Read More

The Nationalgalerie's Hamburger Bahnhof location is widely considered one of the largest and most important public collections of contemporary art in... Read More

It's a well known fact that Berlin's young pleasure-seekers are notorious for their hedonistic and party-going ways. The Haubentaucher, an urban outdoor... Read More

This kitchenware empire stocks an enviable collection of tinted glassware. Read More

The Jewish Museum Berlin is among Europe's largest Jewish museums. Housed in three adjacent buildings, two of which were constructed by architect Daniel... Read More

Part church and part memorial, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church serves as a reminder of the destructiveness of war and the human will to survive. The... Read More

The vodka martinis are excellent, and the bar’s architecture alone is worth the visit—this former GDR cosmetics studio is an open... Read More

This former margarine factory displays work from fifty international artists. Read More

More gallery and “art lab” than museum, the KW Institute for Contemporary Art was established in the 1990’s to foster creative... Read More

Liquidrom epitomizes the modern sauna experience. Located on Möckernstraße not far from central Potsdamer Platz, Liquidrom offers outdoor thermal baths,... Read More

A branch of the well-known German housewares and lifestyle retailer Manufactum, Brot & Butter is housed inside the seven-story Hardenburg at Ernst... Read More

Housed inside an 1881 building designed by its namesake, Martin-Gropius-Bau hosts a variety of exhibitions related to art and culture. Exhibits at the... Read More

Take the tram to the Mauerpark flea market in Prenzlauer Berg, near the site of the crumbling Wall. Stop into one of the café stalls alongside... Read More

Over the past few decades, Galerie Max Hetzler has established itself as one of Berlin’s most important and successful art galleries. The gallery,... Read More

New York architect Peter Eisenman's haunting field of concrete pillars. Read More

Stay in the fashionable Mitte ("middle") district, since it's convenient to major sites including the Reichstag and Potsdamer Platz. Browse the area's... Read More

In Kreuzberg, the Monarch bar, on the second floor of a hilariously dreary housing project, beckons the 40-year-old hipster who wishes to turn the clock... Read More

Just behind Potsdamer Platz—and anchoring the jagged golden twins that are the Philharmonic and the city library—sits the starkly modern... Read More

British architect David Chipperfield’s nimble rebuilding of the Neues Museum was such a feat of renovation and reconstruction that the city... Read More

Inspired by the risqué glamour of Berlin-born photographer Helmut Newton—his mural-size black-and-white nudes adorn the entire back wall... Read More

Arguably one of the world’s finest archaeological museums, the Pergamon sits proudly in the center of the city’s famed Museumsinsel (Museum... Read More

Four billion dollars and five years were sunk into the building of this supposed future-scape just so that one of its main squares—Marlene... Read More

Berlin's oldest beer garden. In the hipster neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg. The interior is as bare as can be, with wooden benches and simple chairs,... Read More

Located near Rosa-Luxemburg Platz, Pro QM is arguably one of the most unique and influential bookstores in Berlin. The store houses an inventory of... Read More

The Reichstag, with its transparent Norman Foster dome and top-notch collection of contemporary art (cue Gerhard Richter’s stunning interpretation... Read More

The retro-casual hat collection is made by hand in a range of materials (cotton; raffia; Panama straw). Read More

Enjoy a breakfast at nearby Barcomi's before visiting the Erika and Rolf Hoffman contemporary art collection. In the late 1960's, the couple began... Read More

Located in Friedrichschain, Schoene Schreibwaren is a specialty art supply store catering to writers, artists, and doodlers alike. The store carries a... Read More

A traditional German biergarten, Schrörs am Müggelsee is situated along a lake in the Köpenick area of the city. Customers sit at... Read More

Dine at this lively pub, filled with mismatched furniture. Try the Schweinschnitzel or ravioli-like Maultaschen with a Rothaus beer. Read More

The club hosts an energetic bingo night in addition to bills of see-them-now bands. Read More

A world-class dance company, the Berlin State Ballet is the result of a merger between the city's three, separate opera houses in 2004, at a time when... Read More

Markthalle IX was established in 2011 as part of a community-wide initiative to bring locals and food producers together under one, exuberant roof.... Read More

The club is the home of the World Championship for Chess Boxing, where the contenders play chess for four minutes and then beat each other up. At other... Read More

Tempelhof Airport was originally built in the 1920's and during the Berlin Wall-era served as a lifeline for residents walled-off in former West Berlin.... Read More

Start the morning in the 543-acre park in the city's center. Walk along the shaded paths to wind up at the Brandenburg Gate. Read More

Founded by Michael Oehler and Angela Spieth in 1992, Trippen is committed to producing and selling sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and functional... Read More

The market stretches along the Maybachufer bank of the canal. Sample a smorgasbord of fat navel oranges, hot spinach böreks that flake to... Read More

Oranienstrasse in Kreuzberg, the former center of radical West Berlin, is now one big sidewalk café spiced with kebab shops and leading-edge,... Read More

Vabali Spa brings Balinese spa tradition to Berlin, in a unique wellness space that spans 20,000 square-meters. With numerous pools, lounge areas,... Read More

Located near Potsdamer Platz, the retro-inspired Victoria Bar has become a favorite haunt for locals looking to escape the harried city life. Inside the... Read More

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