Belgium Travel Guide

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Despite its size, Belgium packs in great cultural experiences for every traveler. Some are spurred to visit Belgium for its coveted golden twice-fried frites, the tasty fries in paper cones with dipping sauces, sold from carts all over the city. It’s Christmas markets are legendary, as are its breweries (it’s sometimes called the Bordeaux of beer).

Belgium has two distinct and often competing regions. Wallonia is the French-speaking side, in the south. Flanders is the Dutch-speaking section in the north, which holds many famous cities including the capital, Brussels.

Belgium travel experiences go beyond its fine products, with a rich history in the center of Western Europe as well as a booming contemporary culture. It sits comfortably as a progressive and popular country nestled in the heart of it all. Our Belgium travel guide will help you locate the country's best attractions.

Things Not to Miss in Belgium

• Brussels chocolate shops
 • The breweries (over 125 in the country)
 • Visiting Waterloo and Leuven
 • The Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History
 • Musée du Cinéma/Filmmuseum
 • Royal Museums of Fine Arts
 • The Markt city square in Bruges
 • Ghent’s medieval sites
 • Antwerp’s fashion and diamond districts

When to Go to Belgium

The perfect time to travel to Belgium varies with the region. Flanders is best in early spring or late fall to avoid the crowds. Wallonia is more popular in the summer months, so the best time to visit is between April and October. But with its mostly temperate climate, Belgium travel is great any time of year.

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