Barbados Travel Guide

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Visit an island with a cultural history that’s as rich as its landscape. Barbados is one of the most developed and popular islands in the Caribbean. Though the Spanish discovered it, it would later become a British colony and still has many cultural remnants from their rule today. The commonwealth is divided into 11 parishes, only two without the stunning coastline that wraps around the country. The interior is as lush as the coast; there are large plantations, botanic gardens, and plenty of wildlife. It also has the most luxury properties per square mile in the Caribbean. Barbados travel definitely won’t disappoint a traveler looking for an adventure or simply a peaceful escape. Our Barbados travel guide will give you the tools for an ideal island experience.

Things Not to Miss in Barbados

• Fisherman’s Pub
 • Barbados Wildlife Reserve
 • Miami Beach
 • The buildings of Parliament
 • Café Luna at Little Arches Hotel
 • Pelican Craft Village

When to Go to Barbados

Barbados wet season runs from June through November, and the dry season is December through May. The best time to travel to Barbados is mid-December through April, although it is peak tourist season. Hurricanes rarely hit Barbados as it is situated on the periphery of most hurricane paths, but rain and wind can still be a factor during those months.

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