Things to Do in Austria

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Housed in a Karl Schwenger–designed architectural marvel built in 1958 for a World Exposition, this modern-art wing of the Belvedere had a massive... Read More

Founded in 1692 by court painter Peter Strudl (who would later become Baron of Austria), the Academy of Fine Arts remains one of Vienna's most... Read More

Once a stately Hapsburg home, the Albertina art collection was established in the mid-18th century. It is known for its more than 6,000 drawings, and... Read More

One of the world's smallest bars, American Bar resides in none other than central Vienna. After a visit to the United States, legendary architect... Read More

An essential stop in Vienna for any amateur (or professional) chef, Babette’s Spice & Books for Cooks Shop is part bookstore, part restaurant,... Read More

Numerous works by Klimt (including his masterpiece, The Kiss), Egon Schiele, and Oskar Kokoschka. Read More

Swedish wine writer and author Britt Karlsson, a Paris resident since 1990, organizes 20 tours annually to wine regions in France, Spain, Italy,... Read More

Against the backdrop of Lake Constance, this 6,880-seat architectural wonder features a “floating stage” (the largest in the world) and... Read More

What to Expect: Salzburg's Christkindlmarkt is one of Europe's oldest markets; there are documents from the 15th century describing the fine crafts... Read More

What to Expect:Vienna's venerable Christkindlmarkt on Rathausplatz flings open its stall shutters in mid-November, and three million visitors flock here... Read More

Downtown, the Contemporary Art Tower, a World War II anti-aircraft tower with concrete walls thicker than most sidewalks, has been converted to a... Read More

Located on one of Vienna’s chicest streets, repurposes household and office items into furniture, including lamps made of used celluloid and a... Read More

Stand in the middle of Michaelerplatz to admire Loos's 1910 Goldman & Salatsch Buiding, now a bank. The six-story green marble-clad structure was... Read More

Hajszan’s eponymous Heurige, a renovated grape-pressing house, has become one of the city’s hippest destinations. Read More

The kaiser of kaiser rolls sells a tiny portion of his production at retail from his plant, squeezed between car dealerships on the outskirts of Tulln.... Read More

Many possessions of the Hapsburgs, as well as period rooms from two centuries of Austrian design. Read More

The city of Haydn and Strauss invites choirs from around the world—more than three-dozen Advent season concerts—to perform Christmas music... Read More

The original Jewish Museum of Vienna was the first of its kind when it debuted in the late 19th century. Its contents would later be used for anti... Read More

A nearly 40-year-old bar that lures skiers with copious helpings of Jägermeister and rock ’n’ roll. Read More

Rotating exhibits of photography make this gallery-like museum one of the best-loved stops in the Museums Quartier. A vanity-themed show a few years ago... Read More

The glass-and-steel building, designed by renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, showcases rotating exhibits. Read More

This must-see museum hosts the imperial collection of the Hapsburgs, including the world's largest collection of Brueghels. Wander the ornate halls and... Read More

The collection of Egon Schiele paintings at the Leopold is unparalleled. Mid- and early-20th-century modern art is housed here, in a limestone, light... Read More

Named after one of Europe's oldest noble families, Palais Liechtenstein is home to a vast, private art collection that spans six centuries. The Princely... Read More

After an initial consultation, an on-staff physician prescribes everything from mental coaching to muscle-soothing techniques for the eight-day Burnout... Read More

The Museum of Applied Arts takes design to the fullest, showcasing furniture, haute couture, and the way design informs our lives. Don't miss the great... Read More

The Austrian Museum of Applied Arts/Contemporary Art focuses on the importance of design, and its holdings include furniture, china, and textiles dating... Read More

This gastronomy emporium is a boutique shop with the best spices, the most delightful pastries, and groceries for the haute kitchen. You could spend the... Read More

A lively disco where Swedish ski instructors and European vacationers down frothy steins and ski-booted table dancing is de rigueur. Read More

Mozart lived in the grand rooms of this Vienna apartment longer than any other place, from 1784 to 1787. The composer's former residence is the last one... Read More

Nestled in the Museums Quartier, Vienna's modern art museum has a strong focus on Austrian art, including the intense, provocative Viennese Aktionism of... Read More

Also known as the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts is the twin of the  Naturhistorisches Museum directly across Maria Theresien... Read More

The complex includes the Architekturzentrum Wien; the Leopold Museum; the Museum Moderner Kunst; the Kunsthalle Wien; and more. Read More

This gilt-edged mid-19th-century concert hall hosts intimate classical concerts in one of the grandest settings in the western world. Read More

In the Naschmarkt, blocks and blocks of produce, fresh pasta, baked goods, and dairy products are interspersed with kiosks selling everything from... Read More

Originally commissioned by Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria-Hungary to house the Habsburgs' vast art collection, the Naturhistorisches (Natural... Read More

Aggressively futuristic and sensual, the four Alpine railway stations ... Read More

Olympic Pedigree: Dating back to the 1935 World Championships, the track in Igls also hosted the luge and bobsled competitions during both the 1964 and... Read More

Situated on the sixth floor of the Do & Co Hotel, the space has windows about 30 feet high looking straight across Stephansplatz at the tiled roof... Read More

Erwin Poller will arrange picnic-style lunches of regional cheeses, cured meats, pickled walnuts, and the Grüner Veltliner and Gewürztraminer... Read More

Otto Wagner's seminal 1906 architectural triumph is now a museum. Its glazed double-vaulted ceiling was a major innovation. Read More

These fields have been written about and walked on since the 12th century. Long a royal hunting grounds, in the early 18th century the royal family... Read More

Take a vinegar tasting at this picturesque farm with hikers seated outside on benches by tables with red-and-white-checked oilcloth. If vinegar isn't... Read More

Few experiences rival the biweekly sledding night. Read More

Once you've seen a Klimt painting in person, you'll realize they are nothing like the poster you hung on your dorm-room wall. In person, these life-size... Read More

Schonbrunn Palace is better known as the summer palace of the Hapsburgs, located at the edge of the city. It's as mind-blowing as Versailles, with its 1... Read More

A prominent tourist attraction in Schlosspark since the 1960's, the former summer residence of the Hapsburgs is a true Baroque palace. Within... Read More

This museum is the former home of Vienna's preeminent doctor of the mind, Sigmund Freud. Freud, who was Jewish, fled for England after Hitler's annexing... Read More

Centrally located in Vienna's Innere Stadt district, the Wiener Staatsoper is one of the city's most photographed structures. Completed in 1869, the... Read More

With thousands of books dating back to the 16th century, this stately library is an ode to the written word, world exploration (check out the early... Read More

The Tanzschule Elmayer Dance School was established in 1919 by Willy Elmayer von Vestenbrugg, a former officer of the Austrian Imperial Army. The school... Read More

Founded in 2002 in Vienna's First District by Francesca von Habsburg and run by the fourth generation of art collectors in the prominent... Read More

Helmuth Unger's unpretentious wine store and bar started out strictly as bottle shop. Today, wine connoisseurs head to Vienna's textile quarter to enjoy... Read More

Tickets for the New Year's concert are awarded by lottery a year in advance. Read More

The first in Vienna to offer wines by the glass (a Riedl glass, anyone?) this tiny yet groundbreaking wine bar is well known among locals and yet could... Read More

Opened in 1913, the Wiener Konzerthaus is home to the Vienna Symphony, the Vienna Philharmonic, and countless other classical and other global music... Read More

Vienna is nearly synonymous with opera. This 19th-century wedding cake of an opera house is a gem, with tickets that run from mere euros (standing room,... Read More

Here, members of Vienna's aristocracy still choose the fabrics for their custom orders. Read More

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