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Vienna is introducing an innovative new plan to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions. Citizens who opt for environmentally friendly transport... Read More

Home to Mozart and "The Sound of Music"; named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its stunningly preserved baroque architecture and unique blend... Read More

If you’re looking to recapture the magic of your childhood tree house with a slightly sophisticated twist, you might want to plan a vacation to the Alps... Read More

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to ski, now’s your chance to hone your skills and get paid for it too.SkiBro, an online ski lesson booking platform with... Read More

If you want to find out if you've been "naughty or nice" this year, some stomping devils may be able to tell you. character and costume, the masked... Read More

Forget Santa. Overseas, you might be celebrating the holidays with St. Nick’s evil counterpart — the Krampus.Unique, strange, and somewhat “darker”... Read More

On Friday, Austria became one of the last countries in Europe to ban indoor smoking.Last year, anti-smoking groups named the country the “ashtray of... Read More

There’s no better way to see the world than on two wheels.You don’t have to be a Tour de France winner in order to enjoy a long, scenic bike ride.... Read More

Gwen Kozlowski is a member of Travel + Leisure’s A-List, a collection of the top travel advisors in the world, and can help plan your perfect getaway.... Read More

Colorful rows of glittering fairy lights surrounding charming cobblestone streets with small wooden figurines ready to come home in your suitcase — it... Read More

“Wine vacations” have been popular for years, and for good reason. If there's one thing that Travel + Leisure editors agree on, it's that wining and... Read More

I recently went on a trip to Los Angeles with a friend, and after just one day and night together my voice was starting to give out. We were talking... Read More

When it comes to the best European cities in readers’ eyes, one nation reigns supreme. For the third year running, Italy has dominated the top urban... Read More

There are plenty of breathtaking places to visit in the world.There are natural wonders like the Grand Canyon or ancient ruins like the Colosseum, or... Read More

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. In fact, it’s probably best to avoid online reviews entirely, according to an advertising campaign in... Read More

Despite its proximity to the world-famous Naschmarkt and Belvedere Palace, Vienna's Wieden district has never been a big draw for travelers. But the... Read More

Summer is right around the corner, and for families thinking of where to plan their next getaway, there are plenty of destinations that won't break the... Read More

Certain places in the world — including the Everglades in Florida and Mount Elgon in Kenya — offer an extra dose of magic, boasting such outstanding... Read More

When you just can’t decide where to spend your summer vacation — whether it’s a family trip, couples getaway, group of friends, or solo — a cruise might... Read More

Hopefully, you never find yourself lost and confused, wandering the streets of Austria alone, unsure of when and where you last saw your U.S. passport.... Read More

Skiing is an expensive hobby. But, with a bit of planning (and perhaps an impulsive purchase), it could become more affordable to jet off and hit the... Read More

The world is becoming a smaller place. Thanks to advancements in travel and technology, people are able to do their jobs from just about anywhere. And... Read More

One ride, one schnitzel.That was the rule I set for myself before I boarded Tauck’s 130-passenger Joy in Vilshofen, Germany. I would have the chance to... Read More

Europe is fortunate to have many options for visitors to get around, from planes and trains to automobiles and bikes. This heavy competition for... Read More

After seven years of being ranked the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne was usurped in this year’s Global Liveability Index from The Economist... Read More

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