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The rain has helped bring the devastating bushfires in Australia's The New South Wales to an end, as the Rural Fire Service announced on Thursday... Read More

As torrential rains in Australia are a welcomed reprieve from the wildfires that have devastated large swaths of the country for months, they could... Read More

Kate Middleton and Prince William are set to visit the areas in Australia that have been ravaged by the recent bushfires.The couple is expected to be... Read More

Torrential rains in the Australian state of New South Wales put out 20 of the 60 fires that had been blazing.“It was fantastic to wake up to much-needed... Read More

Pristine blue waters and gorgeous coral make the Houtman Abrolhos islands off the coast of Western Australia a site to behold. And now, the dazzling... Read More

If you want a good look at Earth’s history, you’re going to have to travel to the town of Meekatharra in Australia. That’s where you’ll find Yarrabubba,... Read More

Koalas, already declared “functionally extinct” in 2018, have suffered great losses from the wildfires burning through Australia, but they are also... Read More

 Australia is preparing for another round of bushfires Tuesday following months of battling raging wildfires that have devastated large swaths of... Read More

The nation of Australia still needs your help.Since late 2019, some 27 million acres of land have burned around the country, with more being... Read More

Residents in the suburbs of Australia’s capital Canberra were briefly evacuated on Wednesday as a bushfire broke out near its airport.Police closed... Read More

One little boy in Massachusetts is doing his part to help Australia cope with the devastation of the wildfires from thousands of miles away.Two weeks... Read More

If you’ve been watching the news or scrolling through social media lately, you’ve almost certainly come across dire pictures of the Australian bushfires... Read More

By now, the world is well aware of the devastating fires raging across Australia. Thousands of homes have been lost, over one billion animals have... Read More

As bushfires continue to impact parts of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef remains safe to visit — and tourism remains an important part of the local... Read More

As wildfires in Australia continue to burn, despite the welcomed rainfall, the massive blaze could have a global impact.According to NASA, smoke from... Read More

This article was originally published on, it was the Ice Bucket challenge then it was the Mannequin Challenge. Now, the Koala... Read More

Australia is expected to get heavy rain this week, but officials say it won’t be enough to tamp down the raging wildfires that have gripped the country... Read More

The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service airdropped thousands of pounds of carrots and sweet potatoes to hungry wallabies in the outback,... Read More

Lots of Hollywood celebrities are doing their part to help relief efforts in Australia, which is currently being devastated by bushfires.Joining the... Read More

After his home was destroyed in the ongoing bushfires, an Australian man was unsure whether he could rebuild. But after a miraculous lottery win, his... Read More

The U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory this week for Australia as fires there have worsened. The advisory, issued on Wednesday, warns... Read More

American and Canadian firefighters were welcomed with cheers at Sydney International Airport this week when they arrived in Australia to help... Read More

The Australian bushfires have been raging for months, causing billions in damages, destroying homes, human lives, and over 1 billion animals who... Read More

March is a month of transition—to spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn south of the equator. It’s not too late to find snow for some late... Read More

Elton John joins the list of celebrities who have pledged donations to combat the devastating Australian bushfires that have ravaged the country since... Read More

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