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March is a month of transition—to spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn south of the equator. It’s not too late to find snow for some late... Read More

Austin may be most well-known for hosting yearly tech events, being the hipster hub of Texas, and for generally “keeping it weird,” but it turns out it... Read More

What’s this? What’s this? It’s the perfect Christmas party for anyone who likes their holidays to be slightly more ghoulish.According to Insider, the... Read More

Even though Prohibition is long over, people’s love for vintage-themed bars is at an all-time high. Speakeasies are no longer a thing of... Read More

“Wine vacations” have been popular for years, and for good reason. If there's one thing that Travel + Leisure editors agree on, it's that wining and... Read More

When you’re in need of a true mind-body recharge, the best fix is to get off the grid and hit the reset button through a dedicated wellness-centered... Read More

One would be hard-pressed to find a better-traveled bunch of folks than the readers of Travel + Leisure. You’ve scaled Kilimanjaro and sailed to... Read More

Superlative city hotels channel the distinctive personalities of their urban environments while giving guests tranquil spaces for unwinding after a busy... Read More

Is there a more controversial item in the fast food world than Jack in the Box tacos? Everyone can agree they only resemble tacos in the most basic... Read More

The campaign to keep Austin weird may or may not be succeeding — Austinites all have their own opinion about the rapidly changing city — but Austin... Read More

If you’re planning a road trip, or looking for long weekend inspiration, this information may interest you. Yelp just announced its ranking of the top... Read More

Imagine yourself in need of a bottle of your go-to wine, nothing terribly ambitious, say an oak-forward, California Chardonnay, and then imagine... Read More

When Amazon announced it was going to build a second headquarters, it was a year-long PR campaign that inspired endless speculation and anticipation,... Read More

You don’t have to empty your savings account to afford city living in America—at least not in these locations.Urban areas offer a gateway to culture or... Read More

With the opening of the LINE Austin, a design-minded new hotel on the edge of Town Lake, there has never been a better time to take in the dynamic... Read More

In Mexico, the day-to-night restaurant — a neighborhood hangout where locals can stop for coffee or convene over antojitos — is a commonplace sight.Now... Read More

Until recently, the best places to find Europe’s great wines — and the unstuffy European approach to food and drink — were neighborhood bars in the... Read More

Choosing the best city in America for microbreweries is, like judging the best beer, very subjective. The most obvious metric to look at is the total... Read More

Humans have been curious about what their neighbors' homes have looked like ever since the first Neanderthals wondered about the interior of the cave... Read More

Richard Overton, the country’s oldest World War II veteran and possibly the oldest man in America, has seen many things in his 111 years, but over the... Read More

Austin, Texas is known as one of the premiere party towns of the south. It is famous for its hospitality, amazing nightlife, and stylish hotels — making... Read More

HBO is giving fans their chance to actually visit Westworld — or, at least, the closest the network can simulate without inventing flawlessly realistic... Read More

Rainy days are pretty rare in Austin, Texas. The city averages more than 300 sunny days a year.But if you happen to visit on any of those other 65 days... Read More

This story originally appeared on As news and images of the destruction from Hurricane Harvey continue to come in, it's clear that... Read More

Getting a new passport is, without question, one of the most tedious aspects of travel.Yes, you get to fill up a new booklet with stamps from around the... Read More

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