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There has never been a better time to visit Atlanta.The National Park Foundation, National Park Service, and the family of the late Dr. Martin Luther... Read More

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport aka ATL is the world’s busiest airport by passenger traffic and number of flights, accommodating an... Read More

On the week of the famous activist’s birthday, Delta Air Lines donated funds to reopen Atlanta’s Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park despite... Read More

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is feeling the effects of the ongoing partial government shutdown more than most.Security lines Monday at the... Read More

The TSA works tirelessly to make sure we’re all safe in the sky, but one unfortunate misstep can lead to a serious situation.According to WSB-TV Atlanta... Read More

Sometimes there’s just nothing left for you to do but dance.The government shutdown recently caused aggravation at airports around the... Read More

No matter what’s stowed away in your baggage, a dog’s nose knows how to sniff it out.Even if that certain stowaway is a little...strange.According to... Read More

A Delta Air Lines passenger from Atlanta claims that his laptop was stolen by cleaning crew last week after he left it on board a flight.Last week,... Read More

Delta announced that Maynard H. Jackson International Terminal at the Atlanta airport is ready to become America’s first “biometric terminal.” This... Read More

Some kids out there pretend they’re going to run away as a way to get attention from their parents, but one kid in Atlanta actually made a solid attempt... Read More

People pack some odd things when they fly, especially when it comes to food. Before you know it, your live lobsters or bunches of coconuts are being... Read More

International travelers flying direct out of Atlanta will soon be able to do away with showing their passports to every airport official as they rush... Read More

Frontier Airlines is under fire for the way they handled two unaccompanied minors after their flight was diverted.According to Today, nine-year-old... Read More

Feeling like the moment to book your big 2018 vacation has come and gone? You might want to rethink that, because Southwest Airlines is offering fares... Read More

JetBlue is having another flash sale to jump-start your summer travel. “Sale” into summer with these affordable fares.New Yorkers can fly to Portland,... Read More

Until recently, the best places to find Europe’s great wines — and the unstuffy European approach to food and drink — were neighborhood bars in the... Read More

For Mother's Day, you may want to get in the car, hop on a plane, or bike it across town to visit your mom, bring her flowers, and take her to brunch.... Read More

It may be something you’ve considered while standing in the security line but never (until now) had the data to confirm: airports are busier than ever... Read More

Finding parking at the Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, may soon be a thing of the past. Hailing a ride to and from your... Read More

On Tuesday, flight attendant Michael Orsini was eating lunch at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when he noticed a peculiar sight: a... Read More

Travelers who saw Black Panther in theaters and can't get enough can now escape to the fictional land portrayed in the movie with daily... Read More

If you want to woo your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with a perfect night out, don’t waste a minute second-guessing your restaurant reservation.Yelp... Read More

A new winter storm bearing down on the South and East Coast has left airlines no choice but to cancel hundreds of flights this week.The storm,... Read More

It's forecasted to feel an ungodly -7 degrees Fahrenheit when people in Atlanta wake up on Wednesday morning.According to the Atlanta Journal... Read More

As Chrissy Teigen pointed out last week, having a plane turn around after its takeoff can be pretty frustrating. Now imagine doing it twice... Read More

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