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A wide variety of experiences awaits the visitor to Amsterdam—from Michelin-starred restaurants to street stalls selling pancakes, herring, and other... Read More

A wide variety of experiences awaits the visitor to Amsterdam—from Michelin-starred restaurants to street stalls selling pancakes, herring, and other Dutch treats. As they say in Holland: Eet smakelijk!

Traditional Dutch cuisine is hearty, stick-to-your ribs fare like erwtensoep, a meaty pea soup, or simple dishes such as kip (chicken) and biefstuk (beefsteak). But given its European locale, plus its long history of global trade, some of the best restaurants in Amsterdam also serve international fare, as well as "New Amsterdam" farm-to-table cuisine. At Restaurant De Kas, which is located in a greenhouse complex, most of the food populating the Mediterranean menu was grown on the spot. By contrast, Momo is a slick Asian eatery that serves fashionable fusion plates to a glittering clientele. Amsterdam’s wide range of great restaurants won’t disappoint during your trip.

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  • Bo Cinq

    A cool brick interior serves as the perfect backdrop for this elegant Moroccan-inspired locale. The service is excellent as is the specialty cocktail... Read More

  • Café Loetje

    Cafe Loetje is a real Amsterdam institution, serving what many think of as the best steak in town. Along with great fries, beer, salad, sandwiches, and... Read More

  • De Bakkerswinkel

    A solid option for breakfast, brunch, a light lunch, or tea, this French-style bread and pastries shop has branches in Warmoestraat and Regulateurshuis... Read More

  • De Taart van m'n Tante

    A charming teatime pitstop, De Taart is the perfect place for a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of delectable homemade cake all served in a cozy... Read More

  • Foodhallen Amsterdam

    An indoor food market with ready-to-eat, street-food style goodies from a variety of stalls, including Turkish, Vietnamese and Indian offerings. Read More

  • Frens Haringhandel

    Frens Haringhandel is the spot to try a real Dutch specialty—raw herring. Read More

  • Hotel De Goudfazant

    Hidden away in North Amsterdam, this restaurant boasts a great industrial chic interior and some interesting, yet unpretentious, food. Read More

  • Momo

    A sleek interior and glamorous clientele form the backdrop for the dishes on offer at this fashionable Asian fusion restaurant serving everything from... Read More

  • Restaurant Café in de Waag

    Set in an antique gatehouse with the appearance of a fairytale castle, and illuminated by 300 candles, in de Waag serves up hearty international dishes,... Read More

  • Restaurant De Kas

    Located inside a 1926 greenhouse complex, most of the food you eat here was actually grown on the spot—and is delicious to boot. The Mediterranean... Read More

  • Restaurant La Rive

    Michelin-starred La Rive features seasonal produce cooked in the French-Mediterranean tradition, with a nod to the flavors and techniques of Asia,... Read More

  • Vinkeles

    Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Chef Dennis Kuipers combines traditional and modern French cuisine to great effect in this stylish, Michelin-starred... Read More

  • Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx

    Vleminckx has been frying up Belgian fries since 1957, and it shows—these are some of the city's best. The place is just a hole in the wall, and a wait... Read More

  • Yamazato

    At Yamazato, expect a delicious meal: classic, Michelin-starred kaiseki cuisine, served in a traditional Japanese setting by kimono-wearing... Read More

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