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In my fantasies, when I picture myself escaping the hustle of life on a remote island, I’m on a sun-drenched, white-sand beach surrounded by turquoise... Read More

There's a romance to train travel — the leisurely pace of a rail trip compared to the hustle of an airport or a crowded highway encourages you to relax.... Read More

Last month, Norwegian Cruise Line unveiled its latest ship: the 3,800-passenger Norwegian Joy, which is currently plying the waters of Alaska... Read More

Every 4th of July, you might feel like you always do the same thing. Head to the nearest big city, navigate through traffic and struggle to find a place... Read More

When you just can’t decide where to spend your summer vacation — whether it’s a family trip, couples getaway, group of friends, or solo — a cruise might... Read More

Grab your tent and your swimsuit.When it comes to making weekend travel plans for the summer, you have a lot of options. Perhaps you want to sit in the... Read More

When it comes to cruise vacations, people tend to fall into one of two drastically opposing categories: fervent advocates or overzealous naysayers. For... Read More

When Alaska was admitted into the Union in 1959 it was officially nicknamed ‘The Last Frontier.’ It’s as suitable a label now as it was then: the... Read More

Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve is home to about 2,200 brown bears, a fact that draws visitors who come to watch bears – from a safe distance... Read More

Someday you’re going to go to Alaska. You can say you hate the cold, but you’ll still go. There are puffins, whales, otters, bears, glaciers, and fjords... Read More

While we all know that Alaska is one of the 50 states, sometimes it feels like it’s halfway across the globe — or at least that’s what the price of... Read More

T+L launched Operation Vacation to inspire workers to use their days off and get away, offering exclusive travel discounts as incentive. For the latest... Read More

If you thought your holiday travel experience was bad, think again.According to The Points Guy, passengers on a Delta flight from Beijing, China to... Read More

There’s no Christmas light display more fantastic than the aurora borealis.This winter, Alaska Railroad is offering an unforgettable journey through... Read More

If you’re traveling in Alaska any time soon, put away the Instagram.After the massive earthquake that hit Anchorage last week, authorities in Alaska are... Read More

This article originally appeared on Utqiaġvik, Alaska, the northernmost city in the US, had its last sunrise of the year on Sunday... Read More

For cold climate dwellers, a winter trip offers the chance to trade wool layers, snow shovels, and shin-deep gutter slush for palm trees and sunscreen.... Read More

In Brooks River, the biggest bear is the best bear.That’s why Katmai National Park and Preserve in King Salmon, Alaska pays tribute to its voluptuous... Read More

Norwegian Cruise Line wants you to come on board for 2019 — and they're willing to throw you some serious perks to prove it.On Thursday, Norwegian... Read More

Rescuers are searching for five people who crashed in a sightseeing plane in Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska. Heavy cloud cover is... Read More

Does where you live have one of the highest life expectancies in America?Fountains of youth may be mythical, but environments that promote longevity are... Read More

Many of today’s kids will never know the joy of going to Blockbuster on a Friday night and picking out a movie from the “New Releases” section to watch.... Read More

This story was originally published on March 13th, 2018.Hundreds of dogs crowd the streets of Downtown Anchorage, barking, howling "we’re happy to see... Read More

Now you can get a more personal view of gargantuan glaciers from your own kayak.Liquid Adventures, a tour group that specializes in kayaking and paddle... Read More

Most Americans, upon first traveling to Alaska, are shocked to realize just how big the state is. Yes, it’s part of the United States, English is spoken... Read More

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