Agra + Uttar Pradesh Travel Guide

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Agra was once the capital of India, and today is a big, bustling city that might not be an obvious for travelers, were it not for one huge draw: the Taj Mahal, the mausoleum that Shah Jahan, a 17th century emperor during the Mughal dynasty, built for his beloved third wife. This UNESCO World Heritage site is considered one of the wonders of the world, but you'd be cheating yourself if the Taj Mahal were your only stop during your visit to Agra. Many people travel to Agra in just one day, but you might find that you're shortchanging yourself on the city - and signing on for a pretty long and tiring day - if you try to pack everything into 24 hours. Located a little over a hundred miles from Delhi, Agra features several over architectural marvels worth visiting, many of which also date back to the Mughal dynasty.

Things Not to Miss in Agra

Read our Agra travel guide to make the most of the city's can't-miss attractions, including:

• The Taj Mahal
• Akbar's Tomb
• The Agra Fort
• Etmad-ud-Daulah's Tomb

When to Go to Agra

The ideal time of year to visit Agra is in winter, when the days are cool but sunny and dry. Consider making your Agra travel plans between October and March for the best temperatures. Winter in Agra might actually feel chilly in December and January, especially at night, so pack a sweater if you visit during these months. Summers in Agra are extremely hot, and monsoon season - which brings heavy rains and high humidity - lasts from July until September.

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