I Love Long Flights (Even in Coach!) — These 15 Amazon Products Are My Secrets to Staying Comfortable

They start at just $7.

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Products to make a long flight comfy

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I have a rare gift that’s made my job as a travel writer much more manageable: I love long flights, even in coach. Perhaps it’s an affinity I picked up as a kid while traveling back and forth from Europe (where I grew up) to the U.S. (where my parents are from). But to me, there’s nothing cozier than curling up in a window seat with a movie or a book, putting my phone on airplane mode, and ignoring the real world for a little bit as I float above the clouds.

For me, flying is almost always positive, since it means I’m about to embark on a trip and discover something new, or I’m heading home to reunite with my dog and my husband. Of course, there are times when travel delays and turbulence can make flying seem like torture, but as long as I have these 15 travel essentials, I know I’ll be comfortable. Best of all, you can order them from Amazon for as little as $7.

Travelrest Travel Pillow

TRAVELREST All-in-One Travel, Neck & Body Pillow


I don’t like to waste any space with a big cushion, so I love this inflatable travel pillow from Travelrest. I tend to get a few strange looks as I’m inflating the golf club-shaped pillow and using the strap to secure it to my body, but after my seatmates see me sleeping for a full eight hours on an overnight flight, they usually ask me where they can get one for themselves. There’s a washable plush cover, and the pillow rolls into a tight cylinder smaller than a can of soda.

To buy: amazon.com, $40

Sennheiser Noise-Canceling Headphones

SENNHEISER PXC 550-II Wireless NoiseGard Adaptive Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth Headphone


If you’re going to watch a full-length movie on the plane, you can’t be using the free headphones they give away, or else your ears will be in pain for the rest of the journey. A good pair of headphones is essential for a long flight, and I’ve never regretted investing in this pair of noise-canceling headphones from Sennheiser. The foldable headphones are comfortable enough to wear for the whole 30-hour battery life, plus the handy carrying case makes traveling with them a breeze.

To buy: amazon.com, $390

Apple AirPods

 Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds


I’m so averse to the free headphones on planes that I always like to have a backup pair of headphones that I can use with my phone to listen to music or a podcast, or watch something I’ve downloaded onto my phone just in case the video screen is broken. Apple’s AirPods come in regular and noise-canceling varieties (and can even be synced to work with a video screen with this nifty wireless transmitter). You can even get them on sale right now at Amazon.

To buy: amazon.com, $235 (originally $249)

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask 32 oz. Lightweight Trail Series Water Bottle-


The real trick to sleeping on a plane is not having to stay awake for food and drink service. On a long flight, I always like to bring a few snacks on board, but the most important thing is water. Hydro Flask’s 32-ounce Trail Series Water Bottle is a lightweight version of their vacuum-insulated water bottle that can keep water cold for up to 24 hours.

To buy: amazon.com, $60

Compression Socks

Comrad Knee High Compression Socks - Thin, Breathable Premium Support Socks for Pregnancy, Athletes & More…


I’m not exactly sure how compression socks work, but my doctor recommended them to prevent blood clots and increase circulation on long flights. Though I find them to be uncomfortable when my legs are curled up on a foot hammock, there is something a bit soothing about the tight fit, and they’ve become part of my go-to travel uniform because I’m terrified of having a medical emergency ruin my vacation. I like that this unisex knee-high pair is made of breathable nylon fabric, a cushioned heel and toe, and 15 to 20 mmhg of compression to keep me comfortable and pain-free on long flights. 

One Amazon customer who bought these for their international flight before a marathon said, “Not only were they warm and comfortable, they provided great support for the seven-hour flight,” and continued to say, “After the race, my legs felt great, and I was able to walk the city all day afterward!”

To buy: amazon.com, $32

Foot Hammock

Everlasting Comfort Airplane Footrest - Ergonomic Adjustable Foot and Heel Hammock


I sleep best on planes when I’m curled with my feet up and my head to the side. Some planes have built-in footrests and sometimes you can use your under-seat carry-on as a footrest, but I like to take no chances and bring my own. Trust me, if you haven’t yet discovered the joy of flying with a foot hammock, you need to get one. There are various styles of foot hammocks on the market, but this version by Everlasting Comfort has separate compartments for each foot for, well, everlasting comfort. 

It looks like other travelers agree, too. One who said “this thing works” after using the foot hammock on their 21-hour flight shared, “[It] was a great relief to have my legs elevated in a very comfortable position.”

To buy: amazon.com, $25 (originally $30)

Silk Eye Mask

LULUSILK Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Mask & Blindfold


An essential step in hoping to get any sleep on a long flight is blocking out any and all light. I’ve found that on overnight flights, they’ll turn the cabin lights on and raise the window shades about an hour before landing in order to serve breakfast, but I’d rather sleep through it. I use a silk eye mask because I’ve heard silk pillowcases are good for your skin, though I do tend to arrive looking half-dead, so I’m not sure that’s true. In any case, this 100 percent silk eye mask does the trick, and it’s machine washable, too.

To buy: amazon.com, $11

Mack’s Earplugs

Mack's Dreamgirl Soft Foam Earplugs


Blocking out sounds is helpful in sleeping on a long flight. Though the plane cabin tends to be quiet on an overnight flight, you never know what excuse the pilot or flight attendants are going to come up with to ramble on the PA — plus, those fasten seatbelt dings are loud enough to wake you if you’re a light sleeper. The best earplugs I’ve tried have been these simple ones from Mack’s that come in an embarrassing shade of pink to signify they’re “for ladies,” but they’ve got more than 8,400 five-star ratings to prove they’re worth sporting the neon. 

To buy: amazon.com, $10 for 50 pairs

Antibacterial Wipes

Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes


Gone are the days of flight attendants handing out sanitizing wipes as you board. And while planes are cleaned in between flights, it’s still nice to know that your tray table, armrest, and video screen are germ-free (and while you’re at it, you can give your phone a nice wipe-down, too). I’ve tried traveling with a big pack of wipes, but I’ve found that they dry out too quickly. These tiny individual wipes from Purell are great and compact enough to fit in my wallet. 

To buy: amazon.com, $24 for a pack of 300 

Weleda Moisturizing Balm

Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes


The air on planes can quickly dry out my skin, so I always travel with a rich moisturizing hand cream that I can use on my face if I need to. Weleda’s Skin Food is nice and thick, made with beeswax and botanical oils that smell amazing. If there’s a particularly bad smell happening on the plane (during refueling, for instance) I like to have a little aromatherapy moment by putting the cream on my hands and then holding my hands up to my face and inhaling deeply. (Yes, it’s embarrassing.) Plus, the 2.5-ounce size is perfect for your carry-on bag. 

To buy: amazon.com, $18

Olio E Osso Lip Balm

Olio E Osso - Natural Lip + Cheek Balm


Chapped lips are my nemesis, and when I’m flying I’m always on the defense. Though they’re pricey, I love the Olio e Osso lip balms because they can double as a little cheek tint in case you need to arrive somewhere looking cute. One fellow traveler at Amazon who thinks the two-in-one pack is especially travel-friendly said, “I love this balm! [It’s] very hydrating but it feels so light, and the color is naturally sheer and buildable.”

To buy: amazon.com, $28

Dr. Plotka Travel Toothbrush

MOUTHWATCHERS - Manual Toothbrushes


It’s always nice to brush your teeth before bed and once you wake up, and on a long flight, that can mean twice. I almost always travel with a folding toothbrush in my purse, along with a small tube of toothpaste. The travel toothbrush from Dr. Plotka is naturally anti-microbial and feels like a real toothbrush with flossing bristles. 

To buy: amazon.com, $7

Cashmere Travel Blanket

White + Warren Women's Cashmere Travel Wrap Scarf


I always make use of the blanket and pillow provided by the airline, but sometimes I just need that extra layer of warmth. My go-to is an ancient wool pashmina I picked up on my travels, but I’m also a fan of White & Warren’s ultra-luxe 100 percent cashmere wraps that come in lovely neutral shades. 

Over at Amazon, I couldn’t have put it better than this fellow traveler, who said, “It's warm, soft, and totally luxurious,” continuing, “In fact, I'm making a special bag for it so that there's no chance it could ever be snagged on anything whilst in my carry-on luggage. Because it's never going in my checked baggage.”

To buy: amazon.com, $335

A Good Book

Age of Vice: A Novel


Out of everything on this list, this is probably the only item I’ve never flown without, even as a kid. I’m not a Kindle person, so I’m usually lugging at least two books (and sometimes more like five or six) in my carry-on. One of my recent favorites is Age of Vice by Deepti Kapoor, a thrilling and epic adventure through the five-star hotels and dangerous underworld of New Delhi. If the 500+-page hardcover is a bridge too far for you, a slim paperback of short stories like Lily King’s Five Tuesdays in Winter should do the trick. 

To buy: amazon.com, $21

Crossword Puzzles

The New York Times Mega Book of Sunday Crosswords: 500 Puzzles


When I’m not in the mood for a movie or a book, I like to put on music and break out a crossword puzzle. The only ones I truly enjoy are The New York Times Sunday puzzles (I love a good rebus,) so I buy them in bulk and tear out a few pages to stick in my notebook when I travel. According to this Amazon customer, they’re just as they should be: “difficult but solvable.”

To buy: amazon.com, $23

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