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Credit: Michael Medina/Getty Images

As any coupon clipper will tell you, frugality can be a real time suck. But saving exponential amounts of money makes the process all worth it.

Take, for example, an extreme travel savings hack that can get you from Europe to the United States or Asia for about $500 in business class. But be warned, you have to put in a lot — and we mean a lot — of effort to get there.

Here’s how this crazy deal works: Hertz, the car rental company, is currently offering 5,000 air miles for every one-day car rental worldwide. Meanwhile, SAS, the leading Scandinavian airline, is offering business class flights between Europe and the U.S. or Asia for 100,000 miles.

So, all travelers have to do is rack up enough points by renting a car from Hertz for 20 days. But here’s the catch: Would-be business class fliers can’t simply rent a single Hertz vehicle for a 20-day span. Instead, they must purchase individual one-day rentals for 20 days straight to rack up 100,000 miles.

“It's not hard to find Hertz rates starting at around $25 per day, so for roughly $500, you can have an amazing flying experience worth thousands,” says God Save The Points, the blog that unearthed this insane travel deal in the first place.

To help you get to your destination, first sign up for the SAS EuroBonus frequent flier program. Next, locate the Hertz rental agency closest to you to make it as convenient as possible. Perhaps visit in person to go over which days and times are the cheapest to rent to help you earn miles for the least amount of money.

A round-trip business class ticket from London to New York with SAS is currently priced around $1,500, so perhaps the insane points workaround is really worth it.