We're talking $49 one-way flights and $17 one-way train rides.


Travelers looking to fly or take a scenic train ride to prime locations this summer and fall can now do so for a fraction of the price thanks to a range of deals Amtrak and Southwest are currently offering.

Southwest is running a sale to popular stops in the U.S. and internationally, with deals starting at $49 one-way for domestic travel and $81 one-way for international getaways.

The $49 one-way deals are available between cities like Nashville and Atlanta, Sacramento and San Diego, and for inter-island travel in Hawaii between Oahu (Honolulu), Maui (Kahului), and the Island of Hawaii (Kona).

For $59, travelers can book flights between stops like Chicago and Cincinnati, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, and Las Vegas and Phoenix, while other top deals include $90 one-way flights between Austin and New Orleans, $92 one-way flights between Fort Lauderdale and Washington, D.C., and $124 one-way flights between Austin and Los Angeles.

Credit: Cultura Exclusive/RUSS ROHDE/Getty Images

Top international deals start from Fort Lauderdale and include $81 one-way flights to Grand Cayman, $87 one-way flights to Nassau, and $113 one-way flights to Belize City. There are also a range of deals from Texas that include $150 one-way flights between Houston and Belize City and $176 one-way flights between Dallas and Belize City.

The deals are available for domestic travel between Sep 2. and Dec. 19 and international travel between Sep. 3 and Dec. 11, with the sale ending on July 18.

Meanwhile, Amtrak is offering 40 percent off of trips booked by July 12 for its Amtrak Across America Sale. The deals, which start as low as $17 one-way, available on all of Amtrak’s long-distance trains and between popular routes like Seattle to Portland or Washington, D.C. to Raleigh.

Prices start at $17 one-way for trips between Portland and Boston on the Downeaster, or at $21 one-way for travel between Seattle and Portland on the Coast Starlight and at $44 one-way for travel between Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Along the way, passengers will be treated to majestic views and amenities that include ample legroom, Wi-Fi on most trains, and the ability to travel with pets on most routes. Discounts will automatically apply, with no blackout dates allowing travelers to take advantage of the low costs on holidays including Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and winter festivities.