Everyone’s a winner one night every year.

By Christopher Tkaczyk
December 15, 2016
Here's Why December 21 is the Absolute Best Day to Visit Las Vegas
Credit: Steve Whiston/Getty Images

The weeks leading up to Christmas are often some of the best days to get deals on travel. But exactly which days to travel are often a moving target, thanks to fluctuating airfares and hotel rates. For years, the best day to get a deal on suites in Las Vegas has been a fairly tight-lipped secret known mostly by travel industry insiders—until now.

Thanks to an analysis of historical spending trends conducted by last minute hotel booking app HotelTonight, the best date for those deals this year will be on December 21.

Historically, rates on hotel rooms in Las Vegas in the month of December average $70-$75 at some of the city’s biggest properties, company spokesperson Emma Legat told Travel + Leisure.

“All signs point to this trend holding true in 2016,” she said.

A recent search on the HotelTonight app for a one-night stay on December 21 produced rates of $55 for the MGM Grand, $33 for the Luxor, $55 for Mandalay Bay, $45 at the SLS, and $124 for The Cosmopolitan. Similar rates were also found for other nights in December. While it might be worth it to wait to book a same day stay, lodging rates typically drop as hotels seek to sell available inventory, though Leggat warned “our list of hotels is dynamic and could sell out, so if you see a particular hotel you’re excited about, you may want to jump on it.”

December is always a slow season for Las Vegas; it's the month of the year when hotel bookings reach annual lows since there aren’t many conventions or business conferences scheduled, due to the holidays. According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, hotel occupancy dipped to 80% in December 2015.

So if you want to plan a quick trip to Sin City before heading home to see family for the holidays, start searching for flights now. Southwest Airlines often has cheap fares to Las Vegas and JetBlue recently offered $20 flights. We searched Google Flights and found a mid-week fare from New York City to Las Vegas for $243.