By Laura Kreder
November 04, 2015
bay lake tower at disney a luxury resort
Credit: Walt Disney Company

Disney World's Deluxe Resorts appear to be out of reach for the average traveler; even a short stay can cost thousands of dollars—not to mention the increasing cost of park tickets. But by renting vacation points from Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members, you can enjoy Disney at a discount.

It's impossible to go to Disney without seeing the glossy ads for the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). Each year, members receive points that allow them to book accommodations at any deluxe resort with DVC rooms. This includes the majority of luxury resorts at Disney. When these points aren't used, members have the ability to rent (sell) their points to anyone, either directly or through a third-party service like the DVC Rental Store.

The splurge for a Disney property is worthwhile. It allows visitors to live within the magical illusion of Disney for their entire vacations, and take advantage of added perks that are unavailable off-site. In recent years, Disney has added FastPass+, which allows resort guests to reserve a limited number of experiences up to 60 days in advance. That's right: Toy Story Mania without the 90-minute wait! Similarly, resort guests are able to make dining reservations up to 180 days in advance and enjoy extended "magic hours" in the park. Disney also provides complimentary airport transportation through their motor coach service, Disney Express.

Disney's luxury resorts offer convenience, first-class service, and impeccable accomodations. There's only one problem: they're expensive. If you rent points from a DVC member, however, you can experience Disney savings well beyond any advertised special.

The amount of points you'll be required to rent (purchase) will depend on several factors, including the resort and room type selected, season, and day of the week you visit. You may also be required to pay additional points if you are booking your accommodations more than seven months in advance. Once you've determined how many points are necessary, this figure is converted to a dollar amount.

According to Paul Little, Founder and President of the DVC Rental Store, renting DVC member points typically results in savings of 45 to 55 percent. This could mean staying at a deluxe resort for less than the amount you'd pay for a moderate resort at Disney.

To test this claim, I went on Disney's online reservation system and requested a quote for seven nights at Disney's Bay Lake Towers. The travel dates selected were six months in advance and I chose a Lake View Studio hotel room. The total came to just over $5,000, not including air fare or park tickets. However, by renting points from a service like the DVC Rental store, the price was decreased to just over $2200. Best of all, when purchasing points, you will receive the same room options and perks as any Disney guest.

Talk about living a vacation fantasy.