Credit: Alex Spatari/Getty Images

The Economic Intelligence Unit’s new Worldwide Cost of Living 2017 survey showcases where this year’s cheapest and most expensive destinations can be found around the world.

The survey pulls together more than 400 individual prices of some 160 products and services that include everything from food and drink to clothing, household supplies, home rentals, and personal care items to create its rankings.

While Asia is home to a majority of the world’s most expensive destinations for the year, it’s also where you’ll find some of the cheapest, in cities including Chennai and Mumbai in India.

Several European destinations also appear on this year’s top 10 cheapest locations, including Bucharest in Romania and Kiev in Ukraine.

10 Cheapest Cities in the World:

1. Almaty, Kazakhstan

2. Lagos, Nigeria

3. Bangalore, India

4. Karachi, Pakistan

5. Algiers, Algeria

6. Chennai, India

7. Mumbai, India

8. Kiev, Ukraine

9. Bucharest, Romania

10. New Delhi, India

In some locations like Lagos and Almaty, prices have dropped due to political or economic disruption, including a drop in global oil prices and currency devaluation, according to the report.

The survey also pinpoints the world's most expensive destinations, with Singapore retaining its top spot for the fourth consecutive year, followed by Hong Kong and Zurich in Switzerland.

Japanese cities Tokyo and Osaka made it back on this year's list of most expensive locales, with Asia now hosting half of the world's 10 priciest spots.

10 Most Expensive Cities in the World:

1. Singapore

2. Hong Kong

3. Zurich, Switzerland

4. Tokyo, Japan

5. Osaka, Japan

6. Seoul, South Korea

7. Geneva, Switzerland

8. Paris, France

9. New York, United States

10. Copenhagen, Denmark

While New York City stayed on this year’s list, it fell two spots from last year due to a slight weakening of the U.S. dollar that has put other U.S. cities lower on the list.

Despite this, the city has still seen a steep rise in the cost of living when compared to its spot five years ago, in 46th place.

The survey also highlights the cities that made the greatest moves up and down in rankings in the last year, including Manchester and London, which moved down more than 15 spots, and cities like Reykjavik and Istanbul, which moved up more than 10 spots.