And it's only going to get cheaper.

Yoho National Park, Canada
Credit: Natalia Bratslavsky/Getty Images

On Tuesday, reports showed a plummeting Canadian dollar, which is now down by .5 percent compared to the U.S. dollar (that’s about three quarters to every Canadian buck).

A weakened CAD is good news for travelers looking for last-minute deals. But it’s not the only reason to book a trip to Canada now.

For the entirety of 2017, Canada is eliminating the entry fee for all 47 of its national parks. That means you can visit the wild Dickson Falls in Fundy National Park, admire the alpine peaks of Glacier National Park, and hike the rolling highlands of Cape Breton without paying a penny. (Just “buy” the Parks Canada Discovery Pass online, for free, and wait for it to arrive before taking your wild Canadian adventure.)

And by the end of the calendar year, travelers could get super cheap flights from WestJet’s new ultra low-cost airline. While no official list of destinations has been released, we have high hopes for low fares between major U.S. and Canadian cities.

Cheap flights, a favorable exchange rate, and totally free national parks? Three very good reasons to book a Canadian vacation right now.